Online shopping has long been the dominant form of purchasing new or used items among the younger generations. Most retail shops and beauty brands have also switched to online sales a long time ago. The digital realm provides businesses with numerous marketing and advertising opportunities and helps attract younger customers through social platforms and blogs. 

Overall, it is a win-win situation for customers and sellers. Buyers can find all types of services and products online when brands can downsize their physical presence and expand online influence. However, some stores do online shopping better than others. It means that online popularity is hard to earn, and only several shops have found a perfect balance between convenience, site design, and product quality. So, let’s see what online stores and brands are popular among students today and why. We’ll try to explain the appeal of online shopping along with the unique offers and styles of the most favored shops online. 


Etsy is the ultimate success story of an early retail shop. It has been on the market for over 15 years and has earned the trust and respect of online shoppers worldwide. Of course, Etsy is not exactly a brand but a marketplace allowing sellers and buyers to find each other. The platform allows independent businesses and sellers to offer their products for sale with a few conditions. All products have to be vintage, preferably handmade and unique (being one-few items only). 

It provides a great starting point for independent crafters and vintage sellers. Here, they build their audiences, showcase their products, and make sales. Students love shopping at Etsy since they can always count on finding one-of-a-kind jewelry, clothing, home decor, art, etc. Plus, the platform is big on sustainability, supporting local crafters, promoting small businesses, and pursuing ethical shopping. 


Being one of the biggest globally recognized brands, H&M is the definition of convenient shopping. Students love H&M for a variety of reasons, starting with affordable prices and ending with always being on the lookout for the latest trends. It is a typical store to get all your basics, casual wear on a budget. 

H&M also collaborates with other brands and designers to develop trendy and limited new collections. Their site is also simple, intuitive, and convenient, helping students to engage in fast and enjoyable shopping experiences. The retailer has also been working towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly business model – issues most fast fashion brands often struggle with. You may order a research paper on the issue from professional writers to learn more. An in-depth analysis of popular writing services can help you choose the right platform for cooperation. 


Nike needs no introduction to buyers across all generations. It has been around for decades and earned a solid reputation as an athletic footwear and clothes leader. However, it is also known for its strong appeal to the great public, sports enthusiasts, and sportswear fans in everyday life. A good shopping site has certainly helped to enlarge its audience.

As a result, Nike products are loved and worn by students (and not only athletes) around the world. Nike always comes up with new designs, innovative approaches, and unique sportswear that can meet the demand of high-performing athletes and casual wearers. Plus, many students do engage in various sports activities or simply prefer to feel comfortable in everyday life. Nike offers its buyer the quality, comfort, and style of all the wear, making it a preferred choice among students.


ASOS is another popular shopping platform that offers ASOS and other brand items, from clothing to accessories. This online retailer has worldwide delivery and simple access to the most popular items and deals. 

The platform offers a wide range of clothes and other items with various inclusive sizing options. Students can easily find the most affordable brands here, along with unique designer clothes and footwear. So it can meet any budget and preferences. The platform also allows easy search, offering many filters and categories. 

In addition, the brand reaches out to the younger generation and students in particular via many influencers and social media personalities. Such advertisements also come with special student discounts, prompting students to shop at ASOS over other sites. 

Forever 21

It is hard to talk about the most popular shops among students without mentioning Forever 21. This store has established itself as the leading retailer of teenage and young adult clothes. It offers a wide range of items, from casual to special occasion wear. Forever 21 always follows or even dictates the newest trends while keeping its prices under the budget.

Indeed, the store’s pricing policy is among many reasons students prefer Forever 21 over similar fast fashion retailers. Overall, the store offers a diverse selection of clothing and accessories, which are easy to shop for online due to the site’s convenience and easy search options. Any students can purchase what they need within minutes and still have to read helpful articles, like this one at