New Artist Tootsie The Rapper has recently released her music video for her latest single “Coming In Hot”. Noted as the next female hip-hop artist to come out of The Bay Area is already setting a wave and trend.

Who is Tootsie the Rapper?

Tootsie The Rapper is a Femcee from Northern California.

How long have you been pursuing your career as an artist? 

I have been pursuing my career as an artist since 2016.

What genre of music best describes your style of music?

The genre that best describes my style of music would fall under West coast hip hop and rap.

What is your greatest inspiration when it comes to your unique sound and versatile style?

Life is my biggest inspiration. With all the ups and downs, I try to stay motivated and push forward no matter what. I love expressing that in my music.

How do you manage to balance both your personal and work life as a mother and artist? 

I manage my personal life by staying prioritized and keeping a positive mindset.

How do you overcome the challenges you may face as a mother and hip-hop artist? 

I overcome challenges by setting goals. I like to think big. I see challenges as opportunities to grow, that’s what life is about. I go through things and grow through things.

As an artist from the Bay Area, who are your greatest musical influences when it comes to your sound? 

Coming from the Bay Area, I’ve always loved listening to E-40, Too Short, and Mac Dre. However, as a female rapper, I feel that EVE and Left Eye have influenced me the most. I’ve always gravitated toward their style and flow.

With all the controversy surrounding females in Hip-Hop ex. (Nicki Minaj vs. Lotto & Cardi B) Do you believe there’s room for more female artists to share the spotlight in such a competitive industry? 

Absolutely, there is always room for others to shine. Although it’s a competitive industry, I feel each artist has their own style to represent and a purpose to live out. There are so many different ways to inspire people and that is my ultimate goal.

What sets you apart from many of the female artists that are currently in Hip Hop today? 

By being my most true and authentic self, I have my own unique style that people gravitate to. People tell me I’m different and I’m okay with that. I don’t want to be anyone else but me.

Listening to your music you give us something different as a lyricist and songwriter can we expect that from your entire “Keep It Runnin” EP? 

Absolutely, my entire EP is based upon the struggles that I have faced as a single mother pursuing my career and everyday challenges that women face on the daily basis, and how I overcame them. You can expect encouragement, you can expect realness and you can expect a vibe.

What was your inspiration behind your single “Coming in Hot”? 

My inspiration behind Coming in hot was inspired by my journey past and present because being new to the industry, that’s how I’m coming, on the scene and unapologetically me.

What is one word to best describe you as an artist?


What projects do you currently have and what & coming projects can our viewers look forward to?  

I currently have singles available along with my 2018 project “In My Zone”. I also have my most recent project “Keep It Runnin”. My viewers can look forward to music videos and new music.

Where can our viewers go to learn more about you and to listen to more of your music? 

Viewers can visit and follow me on social media. They can listen to more of my music on all streaming platforms.

(@TootsieTheRapper) – “Coming In Hot” Official Music Video

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