In an effort to continue the conversation surrounding issues impacting black lives around the world, OWN has recently announced a new primetime special titled, OWN Spotlight: Oprah and 100 Black Fathers.

Oprah Winfrey will speak with 100 black fathers about how they are managing during this difficult time, how they talk with their children, and their dreams for the future.

This much-needed special includes Tyler Perry, Courtney B. Vance, Michael Render aka Killer Mike, and Shaka Senghor.

The virtual audience includes fathers, parents of trans children, members of the military, the formerly incarcerated, frontline health care workers, professionals, stay at home dads, and those who have faced the death of a child at the hands of the police.

In a statement, Oprah said, “I am honored to bring this conversation to light so we might better understand the emotional toll Black fathers endure, and how they continue to show up for their children, their family and the community.”

OWN President, Tina Perry stated, “In this special, Black fathers will share their personal stories and feelings in this moment and the hope they have for their families’ futures.”

OWN Spotlight: Oprah and 100 Black Fathers is produced by OWN. The executive producers are Oprah Winfrey and Tara Montgomery.

OWN Spotlight: Oprah and 100 Black Fathers premieres on OWN at 10 PM EST on June 30th, 2020