They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the phrase couldn’t be more correct when referencing rapper Lil Keke. The star has had a long career that has touched only the greatest of stars. Once his pen hits the paper, it is a guaranteed hit from the “Prince of the South.” However, he is not only a rapper, but he also dabbles in the clothing industry. The mogul is determined to have everything he touches turn to gold.

“My relationship with hip-hop has always been about making sure Texas has an opportunity to be known.” – Lil Keke.

Lil Keke was originally born Marcus Edwards in his hometown of Houston. After developing a love of hip-hop and rap in his youth, he began to dive into the game on his own. He started with creative and influential freestyles that he is now known for to this day. It has been 25 years, and he has since made sure the name Lil Keke was on everyone’s lips. In a play with numbers, the entertainer also has 25 projects in his name that he is proud to have created.

The Screwed Up Click (SLC) captain has spent his career working with like-minded people such as DJ Screw and Fat Pat. Never one to limit himself, Lil Keke has also created a clothing line called “SLF MADE” that emphasizes the joy there is in Houston-based culture. 2015 was a great year for Lil Keke as the serving mayor, Annise Parker, declared July 13th as Lil Keke’s 713 Day. In 2018, he was credited by President Obama himself for pushing a positive narrative with his city’s youths. Lil Keke can also be seen in credits of many films, as he has worked diligently behind the scenes.

In December of 2021, Lil Keke released a new single titled “We From Texas,” featuring Slim Thug, Z-Ro, and Sauce Walker. Since the release, it has accumulated over a million views on the digital platform, Youtube. On February 11th, he is looking forward to debuting his upcoming project “LGND,” following another single with DJ Chose. One can see the icon in person when he takes the stage with Bun B for the “H-Town Takeover” come March 11th. Lil Keke and his next money-making moves can be followed on social media under @donke713.