Founded in 2004, Orijin Culture, an African inspired luxury brand, strives to connect Africa and the Diaspora through its unapologetic statements in the form of fashion. The brand just released the BACK TO LIFE collection by introducing a circular Africa and peace sign medallion bag, which took social media by storm. The new line honors hip-hop’s golden era when many artists like Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul displayed African and peaceful ideologies through music and urban style.

“I just want to bring us back life; back to consciousness; back to believing in hope; inspiring our time with unity, equality, peace, and love,” explains Archyn Orijin, Founder and Creative Director of Orijin Culture.

BACK TO LIFE collection truly takes you to a time of peaceful protest and appreciation of our African roots, which in all actually should be timeless. For more information about or to purchase Orijin Culture, click here.


Featured Image by Danny Delgado