Our hearts can only take so much until it is broken, and then it is as if it becomes a fragile yet slowly beating heart that has received more blows than it can count in its lifetime. There are not many ways of overcoming a broken heart, other than through time, but there sure are plenty of ways of getting them. Nope, there are no rules one can truly apply when receiving a broken heart. The ways of receiving a broken heart are many, such as a failed relationship or a sad and sorrowful ending to a childhood friendship. What about being made fun of by your peers because you look different and speak differently? Also, there is the broken heart caused by the death of a loved one or friend. It seems we all at some point in life receive a broken heart or two(even three) from the universe. Knowing that you will have a broken heart is not the problem nor is it anything new, but how you deal with your broken heart is important. 

Why did this happen to me? How did I not see this coming? Here lies the questions you ask yourself after a broken heart. You rationalize your circumstance with the thought that maybe things could have been different if you had only done a few things differently, but the truth is broken hearts are a part of life. There is no escaping heartbreak only the ones you create for yourself. Yet there are some broken hearts we can prevent and should prevent. And as we know there are the broken hearts, we never see coming that somehow ending up on our doorstep.

If you are dealing with a broken heart the best thing that you can do is give yourself time … time to get through it including the hurt and pain. But broken hearts are also about forgiveness. You must seek to forgive yourself and those who may be responsible for your broken heart. The sooner you start to forgive yourself for the role you may have played in your broken heart, the sooner you can get moving past it all and on to a better you. Now is the time to get out of your head and start working on your heart. As we know, when forgiveness is not in the equation of heartaches, we tend to hold ourselves back from others and the wonderful experiences we can continue to have. Broken hearts lead to trust issues, and those trust issues are what block your will if not heart’s ability to forgive, heal, and move on. 

Below is a list of techniques you can use to move on from a broken heart.

·         Find forgiveness within yourself and forgive the person that hurt you.

·         Do not live in the past.

·         Surround yourself with people who love and support you.

·         Be willing to talk to someone about your fears if you have too.

·         Do things you have never done before; live a little.

Living in the past is a choice and can keep you stuck if you are not careful. Do not allow a broken heart to change the good-hearted person you are. Sure, you may be dealing with a broken heart now for whatever reason. My hope is that you do not allow it to control your life, happiness, and emotions. Know you will get over a broken heart in due time. Not every broken heart is the same. In fact, they are quite different which means they all bring about a different set of emotions and feelings that can make one feel as if they will never get over it. 

One rule to avoiding a broken heart is to not subject yourself to everyone for the sake of wanting something from them. Know who you get involved with and why. You must understand that not everyone is here to love you, support you, and tell you the truth. It is your responsibility to know why you are not letting go of your broken heart. Once you understand what part it may have played in your unhappiness, let it go. Forgiving yourself for what happened or what you could not prevent is important and holds your breakthrough. Many people feel that if they confront the person or situation that caused their hurt in the first place it can help them move on. This is true but not for all broken hearts. Letting go and moving on sometime takes accountability nothing more. If you do not learn to let go and move on, you will be stuck unable to live your life and learn new things.

Learning new things is just as crucial as refusing to let go of your broken heart. For some, I understand holding on to the past that caused their broken heart keeps them safe and less likely to experience a broken heart down the road. This will only work for so long and you will find yourself hurt again by someone. Learn from your past; how you got the broken heart is the key. Broken hearts are meant to last forever; this you must know. If someone broke your heart because they did not feel the same as you did, let it go. You will eventually meet someone who will have the same feelings for you; just as you will eventually meet someone about whom you will not feel strongly causing that individual hurt and pain. If your childhood friendship has come to an end, move on, but take with you those good times you shared. Life is about learning new things and moving on, processing good experience as well as bad the ones that leave you with the broken heart. We all have the ability of remembering and holding on as well as letting go. You may not have had much control over your broken heart, but you do in getting over it.