As a single mother, Dr. Gresham endured homelessness, as a single mother to 6 children, while a student in the Associate nursing program. However, her grit, perseverance, and determining spirit would not let her quit! To date, Dr. Ebonee Gresham is a doctoral professional Registered Nurse who has an extensive background in specialties ranging from ER, Trauma, Med Surge, Public Health, and nursing education.

Have you always known that you wanted to be a nurse and receive your Doctorate in Nursing?

Actually, I wanted to be an OB/GYN. I was a teenage mother at the age of 16. I went on to complete high school and earned several college scholarships. I attended Howard University in D.C. for Pre-Med. But got pregnant with my second child while enrolled in school. I felt that my dreams of being an MD were shattered as I chose to withdraw from school to return home to Buffalo, NY to care for my children. It was when my mother became terminally ill that I became interested in nursing. As her primary caretaker, along with her Hospice nursing team, I then decided that I wanted to pursue nursing. I wanted to become a labor and delivery nurse, which never happened- LOL. Obtaining a doctorate degree was not one of my goals. 

This came into fruition as my nursing career began to take its course and I was excelling faster than I had expected. Being promoted to charge nurse and supervisor within the first few years of becoming an RN is what motivated me to further my career from an Associate degree, Bachelors, Master’s, Post Master’s, and now Doctorate. Obtaining my doctorate in nursing was a way to pay homage to my mother who never got to see me become a doctor. But now as a doctor of nursing practice, I know she is proud of me as Dr. Ebonee.

Being a mother of 10 children and facing homelessness, what was the driving force for you that helped you to push through as you did?

Being a mother definitely motivated me and helped me defy the obstacles that came my way. My children have always been my “why”. They give me strength and life when I am low. Through each and every storm, I would look at my babies and remind myself that they needed me and that I must keep going for them. I am all that they have.

When we were homeless and living in my truck, I would stay up all night to watch over them while they slept. I prayed and cried over them asking God for his protection and provision. Many sleepless nights and days I went hungry, but again I had to keep pushing for my children who were all small at the time. I would always think “these innocent babies did not ask to be here and deserved so much more than poverty, struggle, and going without.” I knew that my mother raised me to be a visionary and to manifest what I wanted in life. Therefore, I dug deep into my roots and upbringing and fought a long, hard battle, but with God, I conquered every storm and here I stand to tell the story.

Can you tell us about the med spa, Royalty Body Spa & Wellness, and what motivated it?

Royalty Body Spa & Wellness is a luxury med spa located in Roswell, Ga that offers an array of services to the community to enhance not only the outer beauty but also the inner beauty as well. The formation of this business was launched after rumors and lies caused me to be terminated from a job during the height of COVID-19, which I had dedicated my all to for years. I worked very hard for this employer, extra hours, late nights, and missed time with my children that I could never get back. I was disappointed and distraught, BUT GOD! 

A nurse colleague contacted me to share a crisis travel nursing opportunity with me and I immediately jumped on it. I started traveling from state to state from GA, Texas, NY, Alaska, and Los Angeles where I held the position as a nurse manager. This was refreshing and opened my mind to entrepreneurship. Being able to generate my annual salary in less than 2 months was mind blowing and it was then I decided to open my own business and never work for anyone again! I knew then that I would never give anyone the power to take my freedom, my time, put a cap on my worth, or terminate me whenever they feel like it. I then became my own BOSS!

As a medical spa, can you explain how it differs from a regular spa for relaxation?

A med spa is a place for relaxation, but the difference from a regular spa is that aesthetics is also involved. Massage therapists, licensed estheticians, and cosmetologists provide noninvasive procedures such as massages, lash extensions, and waxing for example; whereas a med spa can also provide these same services but also has physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses who provide invasive services such as laser lipo, laser hair removal, Botox, fillers, IV hydration, and weight loss treatments.

What are some benefits of going to a med spa?

Some benefits of going to a med spa include being seen and cared for by licensed medical professionals such as MDs, NPs, and RNs. Most med spas also offer services that can be financed and/or covered under private insurance and HSA.

What are some services Royalty Body Spa & Wellness offers?

At Royalty Bod Spa & Wellness we provide an array of services such as body contouring, which includes laser lipo, cavitation, wood therapy, and skin tightening. We provide cosmetic post-op care for clients who have surgery, teeth whitening, yoni steaming, guided meditation, ionic foot detox, sauna detox wrap, breast and butt vacuum therapy, and even gender reveal. We also provide mobile services. Products such as waist trainers, yoni oil, yoni wash, and yoni herbs are also available for sale.

Where would you like to see Royalty Body Spa & Wellness in 3 to 5 years?

I would love to see Royalty Body Spa & Wellness expand to 2–3 locations in the Metro Atlanta area. 

What would you like our viewers to gain from this interview?

I want people to gain strength, inspiration, and encouragement from this interview. It is important that people understand that we all go through trials and tribulations, but how we deal with them and overcome them is the key. 

How can people connect to learn more?

I am available for speaking engagements, coaching, and mentorship for women who need an accountability partner and feel stagnant in life. My purpose is to help virtuous women of valor fix their crowns. Let me show you how to overcome the odds and obstacles and be VICTORIOUS!

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