Straight-forward, supportive, funny and a hustler are only a few ways Shaneese Lowery’s friends would describe her. Her hustle can be credited to her life as a military brat, which among many things, taught her to “keep it moving”. Moving throughout life and experiencing the birth of her daughter helped Shaneese visualize and create a life that was much bigger than her.  The She is Valicious Boutique is a product of Shaneese’s visualization and has taken her on a successful ride. Along her journey, Shaneese stopped by SHEEN Magazine to offer her story, tips for business owners, motivation and more. Check it out below!

Tell us your story…

To keep it sweet, I grew up as a military brat. By the time I hit high school we settled on the East Coast, where I attended Johnson C. Smith, not really knowing what I was going to do in life. At the time I was into modelling and networking.  After a year at Smith and lack of tuition funds. I attended NC A&T. I wasn’t feeling that either especially after bumping into this huge producer from NY who had a store in Greensboro at the time. He used to bring down lots of music artists down that he managed. We would have parties and get money. So, I kind of started to find my niche with this hustling world and being that connected to such big timers clicked a switch. Even then I didn’t know I wanted to have my own businesses. I moved back to Charlotte fell in love and had my daughter in 2011.By 2013 that’s when I knew that life was bigger than me. My entrepreneur spirit started kicking in and She is Valicious was born. Everything was going great the first 1/2 year then I became discouraged and stopped. So, I regrouped in 2016 and it has been up from there.

How has life as a military brat impacted your entrepreneurship?

Wow great question. I’m so grateful for my upbringing it has taught me to never get attached to things or people and to always keep it moving lol.

What got you to this point?

Honestly, after finally ending my 10-year relationship with my daughter’s father I was able to figure out who the new Shaneese was. Around this time Nipsey Hustle passed and that changed my life in more ways than one. I started my spiritual journey around that time as well this was in 2019. Once I found the new Shaneese and molded her, I had enough peace, faith and confidence to quit corporate America by 2020.

Business tips?

Stay excited, stay consistent, when things are not going as planned its ok God has another path you need to take, trust the process. Its ok to start over and over again until its right.

How do you want women to feel when they wear your pieces?

Sexy, Confident and Bossed up.

What does luxury mean to you? 

Luxury to me is whatever one thinks is of great quality in their life. Being comfortable and having a peace of mind is luxury to me.

Describe your go-to look…

Anything with print and color!

Any favorite pieces?

As long as its bold, colorful with dazzle is always a favorite piece of mine.

What’s your why?

My family and me being blessed enough to give back whether its financially or wisdom. I’m inspired to inspire.

Describe the meaning of valicious

My boutique is a gathering of vicious, classy yet tasteful pieces. So, I just combined Vicious and delicious together and created She Is Valicious.

What else would you like our readers to know?

I’m so in love with what I do. I’m obsessed with my brand. I have Valicious Marketing LLC and under that umbrella is She Is Valicious now, Valicious Health Bar and my daughters fidget business Ariyelle’s Collection. I encourage you to find something you’re passionate about and master that. Love Life and Live Life.

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