Dallas Fort Worth’s Manna Juice Bar is the brainchild of owners, Dominick and Kristi Andrew. As parents, artists, an athlete, and a pharmacist, this team has collaborated with a food scientist to encourage a balanced lifestyle. They do that through the fast, fresh, and efficient nutrition provided in cold-pressed juice. The idea and principles of Manna Juice Bar were founded in 2016, through their search for healthier options for their family. With hard work and dedication over the years, they have found the perfect recipes to supply nutrients, in unique yet very delicious combinations!

Can you tell us more about who Dominick and Kristi Andrew are?

Dominick and Kristi are the owners and operators of Manna Juice Bar an organic cold-pressed juice bar located in the DFW area. We’re originally from New Orleans, LA, and are the proud parents of two children. Dominick attended SiTanka Huron University in South Dakota, where he played collegiate basketball. He also is currently the owner and photographer/videographer and director at Studio 722 Digital Media, where he films music videos, commercials, weddings, short films, and lifestyle photos. Kristi attended Xavier University of LA, and after earning her Doctorate in Pharmacy, she pursued a highly decorated career in retail pharmacy. On sabbatical from her last role as a Director of Pharmacy Operations, she and Dominick grew Manna Juice Bar together, in an attempt to add a healthy option to the Mansfield community!

How did an athlete, and a pharmacist decide to come up with the idea of a juice bar?

Once we moved to Dallas and began traveling particularly to the West Coast, we began to add juicing to our lifestyle, as a way to increase the number of fruits and vegetables we were able to consume, especially on the go. We realized that there were very few cold-pressed juice bars in the DFW area, and none in their community of Mansfield, TX. We wanted to create a business with longevity that positively impacted people, and we definitely gravitated to the idea that it was healthy; it wasn’t just a profitable idea, it was something that would be good for people.

Can you tell us more about the company, Manna Juice Bar?

Manna Juice Bar opened in 2019 in the community of Mansfield TX. We offer cold-pressed juice, juice cleanses, smoothies, acai bowls, juice shots, and a myriad of other healthy options! We recently started selling vegan ice cream and look forward to adding even more selections in the future.

What makes Manna Juice Bar different and stand out from the rest?

We’re really big on the quality of our products. Not only is our juice fresh, organic, and in its rawest form, it tastes great as well! Most people feel that if something is healthy, it doesn’t have to taste good, we do not subscribe to that notion. Also, our juice is diluted with water at all its 100% juice, with no additives or preservatives.

What was the motivation to launch Manna Juice Bar?

 I think for us, Manna was created to leave a legacy for our children, to create something bigger than ourselves that would impact on the community in terms of health.

Are all the ingredients being used in your juices all-natural?


What can we expect from Manna Juice Bar in the future?

We’re currently scouting for our second location! We’re also working on building our vegan ice cream brand into pints to take home and enjoy, it’s going to be a great year of growth for us!

How can people connect with you to learn more, as well as continue to follow Manna Juice Bar? @mannajuicebar