The popular docu-series is back to give us an inside view of successful Black relationships.

The Oprah Winfrey Network has announced that they are bringing back the NAACP-nominated docu-series, Black Love for a fifth season as they continue to share with us the foundational beauty of the African American family. Premiering on Friday, May 14 at 10:00 p.m. EST, Black Love will follow OWN’s popular dating series Ready to Love.

Black Love was created by filmmakers Codie and Tommy Oliver, a husband and wife team, to shed light on couples at varying stages of their relationships and the challenges and triumphs that they experience and overcome. The new season will feature Chance and Tabitha Brown, R&B singer Kenny Lattimore and Judge Faith Jenkins, Grammy-winner Ledisi and husband Ron Young, singer/songwriter Tank and Zena Foster, Greenleaf actor Keith David and his wife Dionne, stylist Jason Bolden, and interior designer Adair Curtis, as well as others. They will delve into many topics that show up in marriages from finances to religion, parenting, and much more!

We had a chance to hang out with some of the couples that will be featured this season and to ask a couple of burning questions of our own! We wanted to know what advice the couples had about how to disagree in a healthy way. “There is a thing that people do when they are disagreeing where they want to win an argument. I think we need to put the winning the argument out the window and communicate with respect”, says R&B legend, Kenny Lattimore. He says that there should be no name-calling and no generalizations and also to understand that there may be things that you just are not going to agree on. “Be mindful of tone and do not use disrespectful language”, is the advice of Keith David, who we came to know and love as Pastor Greenleaf. Ledisi, the super soulful singer of the hit “Anything for You,” says that she had to learn to give space and to learn to communicate. She says that it was not always easy for her to give the space that was needed but that during her marriage to husband, Ron Young, she had to come to learn that sometimes you have to give a little space at times and come back in a calmer state to communicate the issue.

Check your local listings for airtimes in your area and be sure to check out the season premiere so that you can catch the gems that will be dropped on how to thrive in Black Love!

Watch below as Tabitha Brown confessed her in this exclusive sneak peek: