Singer/songwriter, Paloma Ford is back and better than ever.

The R&B star has just released her awaited visual for “All For Nothing” featuring rap icon, Rick Ross!

Ford says, “All For Nothing is the lead track for X TAPES and reflects the essence of the project. It’s the climax to a moment where things fall apart, and you have the choice to move past it or bask in the loss. It’s about having that true moment of honesty with yourself. I wanted the concept to be as strong as the lyrics and the message in the song and reflect my journey through love, loss, and the power behind these moments.”

In a statement to Billboard, Rick Ross said, “When I pulled up on the set, Paloma told me the concept and it was so clean, so classic. When I use the word simple, I love that word because it means I understood it from the very first statement. It was extremely clear. The record is incredible, so make sure you stream and vibe to it right now.”

Ford is slated to release the first single from her highly anticipated project, X Tapes 2 this summer!

Click here to listen to X Tapes today.


Information and featured image provided by The Thom Brand | featured image by Jalil Miles