Now more than ever, those considered “members of the audience” share their creative visions with the world and it may just capture the attention of the right people. Much like the “Bel-Air” mock trailer released in 2019 by Morgan Cooper that caught the attention of Will Smith himself and was later developed into a Peacock series.



Well as the way of the world would have it, another ingenious trailer has been released by filmmaker, director, and writer Bobby Huntley II. The title of the trailer, “Pam & Tommy,” is a modern day twist on the beloved characters from the 90s gem, “Martin.” The trailer follows Pam and Tommy as they navigate through the meticulous efforts of dating and eventually falling for one another. The trailer is juicy, fresh, and quite frankly something a wonderful concept!


So, will it be the next show/movie to be picked up? Only time will tell but in the mean time, check out the incredible work: