We sat down with alternative duo, Parrent & Kids and they’re already receiving considerable attention for the video of its recent single, “Every Time.”

The video was released onto YouTube Nov. 1, and by mid-month, the number of views for it had already exceeded 360,000 along with more than 220 ‘likes.’

“Every Time” can also be found on a variety of streaming services including Spotify.

The single gives fans of this band a nice taste of the Olney-based duo’s sound and style. Band members also want to continue growing anticipation for the release of its first full-length album, “Roses,” which is scheduled to drop in the spring of 2022.

Parrent & Kids has been around in some form since 2017 when Trevor Parrent, lead vocalist, formed The Parrent Project as a solo act. In 2020, he met up with drummer Josh Moats in 2020 and both decided to combine their musical talents.

The duo has already recorded a variety of popular singles, including “Ghost” and “Cardiac Arrest.” Trevor Parrent also independently released his own album, “I Suck at Love” 2019. Next year’s release of “Roses” will be the first album of music that he and Josh Moats have recorded together.

Interest is growing nationally into this band, which appeals to the age 18-25 demographic, especially college students and women.

Parrent & Kids has been influenced by the music of a number of other bands, including Chase Atlantic, Twenty One Pilots, Kina and EDEN.

The video for “Every Time” was directed and edited by Rocco Shapiro. Trevor Parrent served as executive producer.

Along with recording in the studio, the band is also known for a fun acoustic version performance of “Every Time,” which was recorded live in Forsyth Park in Savannah, Geo.

Be sure to follow the band by following them on Instagram and Twitter. To see other videos, please visit the band’s official YouTube channel.



Featured Image provided by Parrent & Kids