Inspiration comes in many forms, and one of the most influential sources of motivation are those who have literally built brands brick by brick with their own hands, only to watch them flourish and change the lives of others as they set out to not only be articles of change in the marketplace but true fragrances of hope and inspiration! Women, particularly boss babes, who have taken life by the waist and danced their way into victory while overcoming limitations in today’s market.

Meet the top 22 business owners to watch in 2022. So, hold on to your seats as you read about the women who have shattered the glass ceiling and cleared out resistance for the coming generations. This list is so powerful we had to make it a 3-part series!

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Merissa Chanell Alexander

Real Estate



Meet Merissa Chanell Alexander, the six-figure earner, was born in Chicago to Jamaican parents, which shaped her unique personality. After graduating from Chicago State University in criminal justice, she worked several nine-to-five jobs but got tired of doing the same thing over and over again. She was also tired of being a regular party girl in the reggae scene, where she gained the nickname “Star Girl.”

At that point, she decided to pursue a career as a realtor and passed the State & National Real Estate Exam. Today, 3.5 years later, her net annual income is in six figures, and she’s licensed in not one but two states!

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Tiffany Stokes

Gifted Hands Academy

With healthcare professions being at an all-time high, naturally, it can only take a boss to equip future bosses. One such woman is Tiffany Stokes, founder of Gifted Hands Academy. She has more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare profession and has the vision to impart training in the underprivileged neighborhoods of Northwest Indiana.

The National Commission accredits gifted Hands Academy for Certifying Agencies, accrediting certification organizations complying with its Standards.

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Tracy Prentiss

Tracy Prentiss: Insurance and Financial Services

I think we all get to a point where we realize a huge part of life is about moving upwards in your goals, and that’s what Tiara Brown did. She transitioned from a Human Resources professional to founding her own insurance company. She was fortunate to have worked in fortune 500 companies and utilized that experience to bring extraordinary success to her company quickly.

She’s happy to provide employment opportunities to many people and educate them about financial security. Her philanthropic spirit guides her in every aspect of her life choices.

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Stephanie Elise

I am Stephanie Elise

Stephanie Elise battles with an expressive language disorder, but she has never allowed that to come in the way of her success. In fact, she’s motivated by the struggle and confidence that she can do anything in life. Stephanie is a notable business connoisseur with decades of business-building experience. She owns and operates many thriving businesses and helps others achieve their goals through mentorship and inspirational leadership.

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Ronneisha Foot

Pretty Hair Weave

Ronneisha Foot is an inspiration for aspiring women, especially those working in the hair care industry. Her experience and success show that no industry is ever saturated. She’s completely transforming the black haircare market with her inspiration, success, and mentorship for other women of color. Her goals are to bridge the gap between business and ordinary people, thus bringing products not designed for models and movie stars.

Her advice is, “Don’t choose a partner who’s pulling you back instead of pushing you forward.” She’s working round the clock to help new business owners stand on their feet.

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Keayna Washington

Kna Global Enterprise Inc.

Growth and success come from the inspiration and motivation in our spirit and not in the environment. One such example of this universal truth is Keayna Washington, business credit advisor, owner of Kna Global Enterprise, Kna Mortgage Brokerage, and Yogi Bistro Restaurant. Her portfolio also contains many other titles, making her a business wizard, a serial entrepreneur, and a true inspiration for young women.

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Natalie Birdsong

Hair by Natalie B. L.L.C.

Confidence is key to many aspects of our lives, and one of the most important factors in confidence-building is to look great. Hair, as it turns out, plays a crucial role in our self-image and needs careful attention. That’s what Natalie Birdsong focuses on, solving hair problems through innovative hair styling and authentic hair products.

She has some wonderful insights through experience, being a panelist for “Colorism No More” and co-authoring a book based on rigorous research. She’s a true inspiration for women looking to break the glass ceiling.

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Tenille Mallard

Tenille Mallard & Associates

Tenille Mallard learned the importance of hard work and perseverance growing up in an underprivileged Chicago neighborhood. She’s been an active person for as long as she can remember and has always emphasized the importance of tenaciousness and compassion towards others. That’s why she started a business in life insurance under the guidance and vision of her father.

At the young age of 20, and with raw energy to help other people, she quickly transformed into a successful entrepreneur who has helped hundreds of families in life insurance and investments. She and her family now own a multimillion-dollar family franchise and have a bright 2022 ahead of her.

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Success is a byproduct of a process that constitutes hard work, devotion, courage, and a will to strive even when the wind is blowing against you. When it’s easy, everyone can do it, but the true character of a woman is revealed once she’s faced with harsh circumstances. But as fire purifies gold, (My God!) the one with an iron will always find a way to reach the top. If these women can achieve success through hard work, they can also be the beacon of hope, the sign of “Go” you have been waiting for.

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