Part II: Top 22 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022

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Inspiration comes in many forms, and one of the most influential sources of motivation are those who have literally built brands brick by brick with their own hands, only to watch them flourish and change the lives of others as they set out to not only be articles of change in the marketplace but true fragrances of hope and inspiration! Women, particularly boss babes, who have taken life by the waist and danced their way into victory while overcoming limitations in today’s market.

Meet the top 22 business owners to watch in 2022. So, hold on to your seats as you read about the women who have shattered the glass ceiling and cleared out resistance for the coming generations. Here is part two of 2022 Top female entrepreneurs to watch in 2022.


Que Johnson

529 Management

Quendole “Que” Johnson is another name to get inspiration and motivation if you’re an aspiring young woman looking to expand your horizons. She started at the early age of 16 and has never looked back since then. Que has managed and trained hundreds of employees working in retail management. In 2012, she turned towards communication and started The Purple Girl Show blog talk radio in her bedroom, with over 50000 listeners and features important personalities.
She recently founded 529 Management L.L.C. and utilizes her media experiences to create innovative branding of new businesses. Her recent successes include launching The Brand Surgeon apparel line, an Amazon Best Selling Author, and securing her largest partnership with B.M.O. Harris Bank.
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Allison Denise

 Brand It Beautifully™
When looking for inspirational women in 2022, you can hardly ignore Allison Denise. She has a multi-faceted personality, and her life is truly diverse. She’s a Christian minister & teacher who inspires spirituality and devotion. In addition, this author encourages and motivates. She is a brand strategist who helps new businesses, an international speaker, and a best-selling author who inspires action and healing.
Allison has helped thousands of women find their voice and purpose in personal and professional life, and her branding has helped publish more than a hundred books.
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Quiana Alia

The Little Pink Society
True inspiration comes from our hearts, and people who can transform that inspiration into a successful business are truly blessed. One such example is Quiana Alia, a successful entrepreneur who loved fairytales in her childhood and adopted her passion to an enterprise. As a teenager, she struggled in school, and her peers judged her based on her looks. Luckily, she found solace in Jesus Christ and the word of God and now helps other women find their life purpose as well.
She launched The Little Pink Society in 2021 and is now moving towards new horizons in 2022. Quiana Alia is a true inspiration for young girls struggling with body image and cardinal issues and inspires spirituality and confidence through her personality and compassion.
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Charlotte Renae Neal

Charlotte Neal Empowers
When a woman is truly blessed, you can see the fruit of their works in their life and character. Those signs inspire others, compassion, and a true devotion towards service. Charlotte is one such name. She has authored bestselling books which have inspired and uplifted millions of young women struggling in today’s culture.
Charlotte is a healer, corrective fascia therapist, Founder & C.E.O. of Houston Outcall Massage, and a spiritual guide in the service of our Lord. She helps people find their purpose and bring forward hidden talents through therapy and personalized coaching.
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Shymane Robinson

True Lawyer L.L.C.
Hard work pays off when coupled with a smart strategy and a devotion to problem-solving. The living embodiment of this principle is Shymane Robinson, the youngest African American Attorney to open an office on the Southside of Chicago. She has helped hundreds of people through her compassionate service and skillful handling of cases.
At such a young age, she has founded a True Lawyer law firm and is a Lead Investor in Black Legacy Investments. Her accolades have a wide array of achievements, and all are focused on making life easier for people and inspiring young men of color to take action.
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Audrey Brooks

Audrey Brooks
Audrey Brooks follows the philosophy of empowering women through spiritual healing and finding purpose through the Lord. She’s a Board-Certified Christian Counselor, a Pastor, Author, and Master Life Coach. Along with that, she’s also the C.E.O. and Founder of Brooks Counseling Services and a non-profit organization, Women Empowering Women Inc.
Audrey truly believes that we can achieve success through healing our past and moving forward with new zeal. She’s one of the most inspirational women for young entrepreneurs to follow in 2022.
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Clarissa Pritchett

Coach Clarissa Pritchett, Empire Posh Queens
Clarissa Pritchett, M.P.H., is a true reflection of empowerment through self-purpose and devotion. She’s an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Author, Empowerment Speaker, Army Medical Service Corps Officer, and an Entrepreneur. A mother of three wonderful boys, she knows how to balance life and helps others achieve this balance as well.
A large part of her inspiration comes from her unwavering faith and belief in serving others. She also finds time to speak at important events and has authored four Amazon bestselling books.
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Markisha Guillot

Run From Sin International
Markisha is an inspiration for people who want to keep a healthy balance in life and aspire to help others achieve a purpose when they find one. She’s a widow and a mother who founded Run from Sin to connect with people on a spiritual level. Her brand produces fashionable testimony-inspired Christian Apparel with a central theme focused on her passion for ministry and spiritual awakening.
Despite being a successful entrepreneur, a social media personality with thousands of followers, and a competent enterprise owner, she’s still focused and connected to her work in the service of our Lord.
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Success is a byproduct of a process that constitutes hard work, devotion, courage, and a will to strive even when the wind is blowing against you. When it’s easy, everyone can do it, but the true character of a woman is revealed once she’s faced with harsh circumstances. But as fire purifies gold, (My God!) the one with an iron will always find a way to reach the top. If these women can achieve success through hard work, they can also be the beacon of hope, the sign of “Go” you have been waiting for.

Stay tuned for part 3!

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