Inspiration comes in many forms, and one of the most influential sources of motivation are those who have literally built brands brick by brick with their own hands, only to watch them flourish and change the lives of others as they set out to not only be articles of change in the marketplace but true fragrances of hope and inspiration! Women, particularly boss babes, who have taken life by the waist and danced their way into victory while overcoming limitations in today’s market.

Meet the top 22 business owners to watch in 2022. So, hold on to your seats as you read about the women who have shattered the glass ceiling and cleared out resistance for the coming generations. Here is part three of 2022 Top female entrepreneurs to watch in 2022.



Dr. Catrina

PullCorp Media & Business Consulting Group

Motivation through enabling individuals to pursue success is Dr. Catrina’s mission, and she’s very much succeeding in that. As a film, television and theatrical producer, she’s making a global impact on young women by sharing their stories on her platforms. In addition, she’s a competent Chief Creative Officer of Puissance Maison Productions and the President and Co-Creator of PullCorp Media & Business Consulting Group (P.M.G.).

Her message is, ‘come together, connect, inspire, empower, and unite as one in 2022!’

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Diana N. Patterson, M.Ed.

D.N.P. Productions

Ms. Patterson is passionate about working with children and believes in the importance of education and empowerment through faith. She’s a great inspiration for women who don’t have a lot of opportunities in life to continue their studies. With a Bachelor of Science in Education Policy and Community Studies and her Master of Science in Administrative Leadership/Adult Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, she has all the tools in her arsenal to impart knowledge and education to both children and adults.

Through her own harsh experiences, she’s learned how supporting victims of domestic abuse is and how we should all come together to fight social evils. She’s also helping cancer patients through their pain and inspires confidence through support initiatives. For young aspiring women, Ms. Patterson is a great inspiration.

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Asante McGee

New World Solutions HVAC Company 

Inspiration comes from the brave around us who empower us to take action and change our lives. That’s what happened with Asante, who came forward after watching “Surviving R. Kelly.” She told her story of abuse and survival in her new bestselling book, “Reclaiming My Power.” She’s a strong woman who’s running a business as well as a non-profit organization, G.A.S.

As a survivor and a C.E.O., Asante inspires other women to speak up and fight for their rights. She’s an inspiration for women fighting battles at internal and external fronts.

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Kelon Neal

Beauty, Ministry


Kelon Neal is well-known in Youth Ministry circles and has been a successful Christian life coach and licensed Esthetician. She derives her strength from the spiritual awakening inside her heart and inspires others in her wake. She encourages young women to strengthen their relationship with God and bring a healthy balance between the spiritual and material world.

As a mother, she’s concerned about the well-being of young girls who are in violent domestic relationships. She helps them connect with God and find their true purpose in life through courage.


 Kristen Fenrick

Klearly Kristen Inc.


CEO and founder of Klearly Kristen Inc. and the e-commerce whisperer Kristen truly believes everyone has a God-given core skill or talent that needs to be developed. Businesses need to continue to be innovative and on the cutting edge. Tapping into what you are doing well and creating new products and services that showcase these strengths are key, which has been her core anchoring beliefs while empowering the next commerce trailblazers.

As a trailblazer herself, Kristen is most certainly one to watch 2022 as she helps pioneer the future of e-commerce.

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Lyndsey Brantley

Camellia Alise

When it comes to innovation in aesthetics, Lyndsey Brantley is a big name. She’s emerging as a leader in body contouring services and has organized the Spa & Sculpting Summit in 2021. In that summit, accomplished instructors facilitated on-site certifications for fundamentals of sugaring, laser liposuction, vagacial & Brazilian wax, and classic lash training.

Lyndsey believes in starting a career based on passion and service. According to her, it’s never too late to start something extraordinary.

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 Shante R Roddy

She Boss Talk

Shante R Roddy believes in action and the passionate pursuit of one’s dreams without giving much thought to stereotypes. She’s very vocal and supportive of women entrepreneurs through her ‘She Epic Media’ and her talk show ‘She Boss Talk.’ Her audience is international and messages universal, and her focus is women entrepreneurs all over the globe.

She inspires, supports, connects, and introduces businesswomen worldwide to enhance their influence. With over 50,000 international followers, her contributions to women are immense.

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Sonia White



Giving is often said to be the gateway to true wealth and happiness. Philanthropist and author Sonia White is a true testament to this fact. Sonia has made her a pacesetter with significant contributions as an award-winning philanthropist. From honoring others as an official ambassador and presenter of the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Awards, Sonia thrives from giving and honoring those who make a great impact nationally. It’s only right that we leave you with such words of wisdom from our bonus entry of 22 businesswomen to watch in 22.

“In a world that encourages us to be “Superwoman” by doing it all, we must recognize that that term is overrated. Superwoman understands the power of delegation and hiring a team to help maximize their efforts. My advice is always to work smart and have a strong supporting team. That in itself will truly make you a SUPERWOMAN!”- Sonia White

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Success is a byproduct of a process that constitutes hard work, devotion, courage, and a will to strive even when the wind is blowing against you. When it’s easy, everyone can do it, but the true character of a woman is revealed once she’s faced with harsh circumstances. But as fire purifies gold, (My God!) the one with an iron will always find a way to reach the top. If these women can achieve success through hard work, they can also be the beacon of hope, the sign of “Go” you have been waiting for.