As we enter the final 60 days of 2020, life as we know it has come to a grinding halt since the coronavirus pandemic has left countries struggling to respond to the rapidly spreading virus. For some, days begin to blend together as people begin to adjust to a new way of life under quarantine. While the coronavirus becomes the new norm as countries continue to grapple with the outbreak, some events in 2020 seem like a long-lost memory amid a rapidly changing news cycle.

I found something for us to do in the suburban area of Chicago, Illinois. I met two amazing speakers:

Eboni Montsho is a sought-after speaker and author. A successful entrepreneur and CEO of 360 HR Solutions, Inc., Eboni is dedicated to helping women to live more purpose-filled, prosperous and fulfilling lives. Eboni has unleashed a movement, using her powerful message to motivate women to grasp all that life has to offer!

Shelonda Hassell-Adegbaye is a motivational speaker, an entrepreneur, owner of Little Blessed Ones Academy/Fun In Motion Before & afterschool Program, author, and co-owner of Da’Nae Décor Events & Treats. Shelonda’s brand “The S.H.A. Experience” is devoted to Inspire, motivate, and push you to Dream Again! She is the founder of “Who Is She” Ministries. She’s also the founder of Chicago’s Black Mom’s Rock Organization & Like Her for Brown Girls mentoring program. These two programs were started in memory of her mom, Sarah Diane Hassell & both fall under the umbrella of The S.H.A. Experience nonprofit.

Tell us about the purpose tour?

The Purpose & passion tour creates an intentional space for women who are survivors of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and other traumatic experiences that will provide the confidence needed to live without shame or guilt.

The tour was inspired by a desire to share powerful gifts in an intentional space that will tap further into God’s power and create community. The goal of the tour is to teach others to dream bigger, structure obtainable goals, and align with purpose.

Eboni on becoming a leader of influence…

Whether your desire is to start your own business, advance in your career, or be a role model to others, you can achieve it by raising your level of influence in the lives of others. In 5 simple steps, Eboni will show you how to become an influential leader ready to get the work done, deal with conflict, and solve problems.

Shelonda on building your network for success:

  • Start your own networking group. (People who understand your vision & goals)
  • Use social media as an outlet.
  • Become a connector.
  • Always reconnect with others.
  • Make sure to focus on the right people who can help make a difference in your success.

What’s next for you ladies?

What’s next is the “EmpowerHer: No Sister Left Behind” Fall Retreat. This overnight retreat will refresh women, inspire them to dream again, to break free from hurt, brokenness, confusion, &leave with new healing, restoration, & transformation.

What can attendees expect to take away from this conference?

Attendees can expect to come out a new person. To be able to dream again, to be able to Divorce excuses, to be accountable, to also find their passion & purpose in life. These are Main focus of our conference.

Why are you passionate about this campaign/why is the tour needed?

We are passionate about the tour because we started this tour because of our background in domestic violence. We wanted to help women across the world to believe themselves, to pull out their purpose and passion. We believe this tour is needed because so many women are lost and they are looking for something new, something to help get to a place of peace, a place of living and believing again. We both experience a low point at once and want to help other women out through speaking, teaching, praying, and motivating while on tour.

What are your social media handles?

Facebook & Instagram Handles are @shelonda.hassell-adegbaye and @eboni.montsho.



Featured Image Vivian DeSouza