Threads or Thread Lifts is a new form of non-surgical “facelift”. I use the term ‘facelift’ loosely as PDO ThreadLifts allow a natural rejuvenation of the area injected – usually the face and neck. Through injections, they help take away wrinkles, lines, and saggy or loose skin, while contouring or highlighting parts of the face south as the cheeks and chin!

PDO or Polydioxanone threads are a special type of medical grade thread, made out of a polymer – the same material used in the operating room when using absorbable sutures.

PDO comes in different forms – smooths, twists and barbs. Barbed threads help tighten, lift and stimulate collagen – whereas the smooths and twists only stimulate collagen,

In doing so, blood circulation is increased to the foreign entity now in your skin. This stimulates an increase in collagen production for the skin to have a tighter, more youthful look!

This works differently than filler because it helps your own body to produce more collagen – a substance that is key to maintaining youthful looking skin. I always like to do a combination of filler and threads for a more natural approach to facial aesthetics

Thread Lift treatment results can be seen however optimal results are seen after a period of 2-4 weeks as there is a period of downtime depending on your body’s reaction to inflammation. A natural collagen synthesis process begins after about two weeks. Peaking at around 6 months and lasting for about 1 year.

As each individual has their own level of pain tolerance, before the treatment begins, each patient has a numbing cream rubbed and absorbed into the skin. We also use injection anesthesia and also have laughing gas as an option to alleviate the pain! This helps to experience minimal to no pain during the process

The best part is watching each patient’s reaction during the process. It is extremely exciting to see how euphoric and confident people become when seeing the side by side differences from “normal” to lifted!