Pheelz is on his way to becoming a global superstar. Hailing from Lagos, the Nigerian producer, and recording artist is the definition of a multihyphenate, someone who can deliver on all fronts when it comes to the music-making process. On top of being a multi-instrumentalist, Pheelz prides himself in his ability to make music that evokes emotion, making you “feel” something with each release.

When asked to describe himself, he states, “That’s honestly a hard question to answer, because I do what I feel like doing and that changes from time to time. Having one description is hard, but I’m a very curious person. I think I’m very creative. I like expressing my energy, and I believe in one God and one humanity. I respect women. I love women. [laughs] I love to make music and make art.”

You may recognize the name Pheelz from his viral smash hit “Finesse,” who’s music video currently boasts over 40.2 million views and counting — the song that got him his major label deal with Warner. Most recently, he followed it up with his newest banger titled “Electricity,” tapping fellow Nigerian superstar Davido. 

Sheen Magazine spoke with Pheelz at the Warner offices in downtown Los Angeles to discuss his roots in Lagos, the making of “Finesse,” collaborating with Davido, his braids, why he doesn’t have goals, and more!

What does Lagos mean to you?

Lagos is life. Lagos is my blood. Not just Lagos, it’s the whole of Nigeria. Because originally, I’m from Ogun State, but I was born around Lagos. The whole Nigerian vibe is just a blessing man. Being part of that culture, and that heritage, I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

How does it feel to be here in the States?

It feels amazing. Because all this happened from art that I created in my room with me and my speakers on my microphone, just singing. Now being here with you guys and with Warner, it’s amazing.

When you first started producing, did you ever think you’d be doing your own music as a recording artist?

Yeah, I started as a recording artist actually. I started as a whole producer and recording artist. No one wanted to work with me growing up, because they believed I was too little and I had no idea what I was saying, what I was doing. So I started to produce myself and started writing my own stuff for church, for my mom, for my friends. I wrote poems for friends in school, so it started like that.

Can we talk about “Finesse” and how big it is? Did you think that would become what it is? 40 million views on YouTube.

[laughs] Producing over the years, I have built what I call a feeling. When I make a hit, I know what that feeling is like. I’ve felt that over the years, and I felt that with “Finesse.” I knew “Oh, this is a hit,” but I had no idea it was going to become a monster. This blew my mind, totally. Completely. 

You got signed after that, how did that feel?

Whew! First of all, I never even thought it was going to happen. You know when you get a blank check for a reality to fill in, and you couldn’t even think of the life that you’re experiencing now? If they’re giving me a blank check then to fill in whatever reality I wanted to experience, I wouldn’t feel the same. That’s how crazy this is, you understand? Being a partner with Warner, being with the team and being with everybody — seeing everybody appreciate my art and push my art further into the world, it’s stuff dreams are made out of. It’s beautiful. 

What’s been your favorite part?

One of my favorite parts would be performing on stage with Davido two days after release at the O2 Arena in London. In front of 20,000 people, two days after I dropped the song. You have 20,000 people singing back at you, word for word. Verse, hook, whew. Crazy.

I interviewed Davido before, talk about linking with him on “Electricity.” That was the perfect collab.

Fun fact, we recorded it before “Finesse.” I had the song since last year. [laughs] It was supposed to be the first single of the year, and then “Finesse” happened the way it did and I had to postpone that. We were working for two years now, because we have some songs for his album as well. So you know, that relationship has been there. 

I recorded “Electricity” at home, wrote the song. I linked up with him later in the week. I said “Oh, I have this new song I’m working on. Do you want a verse? Because I think it would be good vibe to duet on something.” I played it for him and he’s like, “Let’s go!” [claps]

I know you’ve done a lot of work together in the past.

Yeah, I produced the whole concert for him in 2017. I’ll have to find the date, but the 30 Billion concert. I did the stage, the lights, the sound, the graphics.

Best memory from the photoshoot?

The club scene, because that wasn’t like a shoot. We were really clubbing. We’re drinking and partying together, it was a vibe. We kept playing the song and partying, it was a proper club scene. 

You also made the lyric video, talk about your tech skillsets.

[laughs] Yeah man, I have this whole different visual artist side to me. I’m a Gemini, so maybe that’s why. I have the whole visual arts: painter, 3D artist, video director, poem, movie script. I’m a very visual person, and I tend to be very hands-on with my craft. I do all my lyric videos from my last EP, down to now. They’re all on my YouTube. I made the one for “Electricity,” that’s my favorite one yet.

You’re into Web3 right?

Yeah, but I’m pacing myself with the Web3 space. There’s a step, they’re like ladders that I’m climbing. I don’t want to rush the process. I know I’m getting there, I know everything about them. I’m well invested in it, but I’m taking my time. I’m pacing myself, doing it the right way.

Talk about your braids and how it plays into your style.

Ooh, I love my braids. I love them. One, I like to whip my hair on stage. [laughs] I love it man. It’s me, it’s my style. It’s African. It’s my middle finger to a lot of things. It’s just my vibe. It’s the energy, it’s what I fuck with now. I love to whip my hair on stage. I love it.

Did you get to do that on stage with Davido?

Yeah! I did that in the video as well, in the “Electricity” video. Because I’m a rockstar man. I’m fully a rockstar, 100%.

Is that going to be your signature move?

We’ll see. I have a couple of signature moves that I’m planning already, so that’s one of them. That and the whistle in “Electricity.” The little [whistles]. That’s my tribe call.

How would you describe your fashion sense?

It’s comfortable. It’s comfort first, and it’s confidence as well. It’s also very eclectic. I don’t really like to play by the rules. I dress how I see myself in my head, and that’s what I usually put together.

What can we expect from your new EP?

My name is Pheelz, so there’s different feelings. There’s different emotions. It’s a very emotional EP. It’s not just sad. It’s sadness, it’s joy, it’s anger, it’s fear. It’s a very emotional EP. I point out all of those emotions on the EP.

Any features we can expect?

There’s a Davido feature, of course. There’s a song with Victony, my friend back home. There’s supposed to be a Wizkid feature, but I don’t know. We already recorded it, but it’s one thing to record it and another thing for the record. Apart from that, I’m telling my own story. Producing my beats and writing my lyrics…

Yeah, I noticed on “Electricity” it was literally you and Davito that wrote it. Any goals for yourself? 

[shakes head] Goals are limiting. Goals are a disrespect to God, so just live your life. I just go, what’s next? Okay, what’s next? Okay, what will that create? Goals are pointless for me, I just live my life. If I had goals, these wouldn’t be my goals. This was never my goal. This is what is happening now. This is God. [laughs] That’s how I see goals.

Anything else you want to let us know?

I got this, that’s all. It’s going to be an amazing journey. I’m here to stay. I’m here for the marathon, not the sprint. I’m here for everything: all the VMA’s, all the Grammys, all the BET’s, all the Headies, all the awards, all the shows, all the girls. [laughs]

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