Philadelphia, PA – August is a time to recognize and celebrate self-awareness, and one Philadelphia man is a shining example of perseverance and transformation. Kashif Jones, who was previously sentenced to over 10 years in prison, has emerged as a visionary leader, founder of Relentless Community Development, and an influential advocate for under-served communities.

Upon his release, Kashif Jones established Relentless Community Development, a non-profit organization dedicated to creating positive change in Philadelphia and beyond. With firsthand experience and deep understanding of the challenges faced by the youth and under-served groups, Kashif is uniquely positioned to make a significant impact.

Philadelphia is grappling with high crime rates and a lack of consistent resources, making Kashif’s initiative even more crucial. Kashif Jones knew that a meeting of the minds was needed on both sides of “the system”. The collaboration between Kashif and former judge who sentenced him to prison is both rare and inspiring. They are working together to pave a new lane for progressive change and evolution. 


Retired Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner expressed in KYW News article, his appreciation for Kashif’s initiative, stating, “Judges who put defendants in jail do not often have the experience of having that person come back and seek them out and tell them, ‘I appreciate how much you’ve helped me.'”

Kashif’s mission has attracted the interest and support of notable community leaders, celebrities, and businesses nationwide. His non-profit organization has also received sponsorship from various individuals and organizations that are committed to helping to propel this initiative. Modern Language, a clothing line created by Kashif himself, is yet another avenue that serves as opportunity and inspiration in this overall mission. 

Believing in the power of knowledge, Kashif emphasizes the importance of access to tools, people, places, and information that can uplift an entire nation. His vision extends beyond Philadelphia, as he plans to take his mission national.

About Relentless Community Development:

Relentless Community Development is a non-profit organization founded by Kashif Jones. Its mission is to create positive change in under-served communities by providing resources, support, and mentorship to help individuals reach their full potential.

About Modern Language:

Modern Language is a clothing line established by Kashif Jones. With a focus on empowering individuals and supporting community development, Modern Language serves as an active sponsor for Relentless Community Development.

Photo Credits: Kashif Jones