We’re giving Pinterest a big round of applause because they have just become the first social media platform to completely ban weight loss advertisements.

Although the platform has already prohibited body-shaming content and content that features dangerous weight loss products, they are now taking it to the next level to let you know they stand for body positivity in all ways!

According to Head of Content, Aya Kanai, Pinterest will no longer allow advertisements that “discuss weight loss, reference BMI, or show before-and-after imagery or imagery that idealizes certain body types and features.”

This new guideline is mandatory for all users.

Kanai continues saying, “As our base continues to grow, we are always evaluating how we can continue to maintain the platform’s positivity and inclusivity — advertisements that promote weight loss or idealize certain body types can be harmful triggers, so this new ban helps us to ensure that Pinners of all body types feel at home when they’re on Pinterest.”

If there’s anything we stand for it’s for everyone to love and feel comfortable in their own skin!

Which social media platform will follow Pinterest in this movement?