Pixar and HUE Limited have just teamed up in order to celebrate the first-ever Black lead character for Pixar.

Originally set to release over the summer, the animated film, SOUL was pushed back to release due to the pandemic.

Have no fear though! SOUL will launch on December 25th on Disney Plus!

Ahead of the film’s release, Pixar collaborated with HUE Unlimited in order to bring the character, Joe a collection of wearable pieces. Four emerging Black artists: Corey Van Lew, Arrington Porter, Bianca Pastel, and Bee Harris lead the creative direction by curating artwork.

You can celebrate this milestone as well by purchasing from the collection on the Pixar SOUL shop on Amazon.

Prices from the collection retail from $22 to $70.

For more information and to purchase your pieces today, click here.



Featured Image obtained on the official Instagram of Hue Unlimited