Mizz Jackiee is a plus-size advocate, fitness and dance instructor and owner of GoPole Fitness. She has a passion of helping and empowering others including with her body positive messages. We wanted to catch up with her to see if she can talk with us about fitness and incorporating fitness in our busy lifestyle.

Body positive influencer Mizz Jackiee is all about creating inclusive atmospheres at her GoPole Fitness classes and at her tours and classes that she teaches nationally and internationally. It is where people of all shapes and sizes can feel included and involved in fitness. She feels fitness should be for everyone of all sizes, abilities, and ages.

Tell us about GoPole Fitness.

Fitness can significantly benefit the mind and body. Exercise is the absolute best thing you can do for your body and brain in terms of mood, memory, and learning. 

As I am the founder of GoPole Fitness as well as a fitness and dance instructor at GoPole Fitness, I can say we truly offer fun classes and an array of classes to suit all levels of fitness including Pole 101, Curvy Girl Pole to Afro Pilates and many others. After one of our workouts, you will feel incredible and most importantly energized. Try them all! They are a blast!

How should we create a home gym?

Make sure you have enough space to utilize your equipment properly. Most importantly, make sure that you focus on getting equipment that you are actually going to use. The last thing you want to do is take up space with a large machine you’re never going to use. It is great to use open spaces in your apartment or home to do your exercises and or workout. You want to have as much room as possible including to store your equipment. 

What kind of essentials should we have for a home gym? 

Try to keep your smaller equipment such as resistance bands, pull-up bars, dumbbells and yoga mats organized in your apartment or house. Make sure to keep yoga mats clean and sanitized. With these gym essentials stored in your apartment or house, make sure to always clean them after your workout. 

For those interested in online classes, what online workout program do you recommend?

I use DRAM Fit for my online classes. These are online workouts that are pre-recorded online videos and or live stream videos. It is amazing! Visit the DRAM Fit Facebook page.

Mizz Jackiee is a bona fide plus-size influencer and has celebrity partnerships with lifestyle and fashion brands including with ShoeDazzle. She has taught classes globally and her dance tours are well-known nationally including her Dancing for Zaddy tours. Mizz Jackiee is a remarkable body positive advocate and is an inspiration for us all.

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Feature and images courtesy of Mizz Jackiee