New year’s resolutions are in full effect.  When you are making those resolutions make sure you start with your why.  Studies have shown that you stay more committed when you truly know the reasoning behind your why. Here are a few simple tips that could help you pinpoint your purpose.

Step 1: Reflect – Ask yourself Why do you want to ______ (fill in the blank) answer truthfully  no judgement here. Before you answer, grab a pen and paper, we have notes to take.

Step 2 Notate – Create a chart with three columns. Present, Past and Future.

First column, note down where you are now, at this very moment in your life. Second column, look back over the past year and take inventory of the things youve accomplished. Third and final column is where you write down all that you want for this year.

Step 3: Review – Compare the lists and see what worked,  if it was something you rocked, great job!  Keep doing it.  If it didnt work, scratch it and let it go.  Add the new things you want to accomplish to the list.  Once you get your list down pack, you have an action plan to run with.

Step 4: Commit – Carry out your action plan.  Now you have a clear view of what is your purpose.  Remember, when you are stuck or stifled go back and review your list, that is your purpose, that is your why.

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