Pole? There’s only one picture that people tend to associate when they hear the word…pole. Is it strictly for entertainment? A way for people of all genders and sizes to feel confident and sexy? Can it truly be a form of fitness? What about a sport? The answer to each of these questions is, yes. Yes, pole is all of these things and more. It just depends on who you’re speaking with. Luckily I’ve had the chance to speak, and work with Amiah “Mi” Nicks. She’s a pole instructor located in Charlotte, NC, and she’s truly changing the idea of what pole really is. In her world it’s a sport. You can often catch her rewatching her own videos, or even client videos going over move like a ESPN commentator going over the Panthers last play. It truly is a sport and one that is quickly becoming something to reckon with. A taboo no more in the states. As most countries are accustomed to the form of fitness. Generally starting as young children in the sport. It’s looked at the same way you would see gymnastics, aerobics, dance, acrobats, yoga, etc. One by one Mi is bringing this same outlook to the states. Teaching women of all ages, backgrounds, sizes, and cultures the true art that is pole.

Mi doesn’t simply teach for entertainment. Each of her hundreds of students always walk away with a new confidence and a bit more sexy in their stride. Some are using it specifically for that. Others are using it as a way to stay fit or even shed pounds. Many have expressed that pole is simply the one form of exercise they keep up with. Why? Almost everyone I’ve asked has simply said it’s the confidence, sexiness, fun, and most of all the challenge that pole brings to the table. Now what keeps them coming back to Mi? Many of her clients have told me it’s her spirit, energy, willingness to be open, and most of all her patience.

Her teaching style is like no other. She teaches 65 students a week, and sometimes more. That’s 195 clients in a three week month and 260 in 4 week month. With every student she goes above and beyond remembering ALL of their individual levels and strengths keeping track of where they are physically and quickly getting them all to intermediate and advanced lessons with ease. Even the ones that take virtual lessons. Yes, VIRTUAL, you read that correctly! She’s had the pleasure to teach women all over the US and even across the seas, and even they have successful learning experiences gaining the same knowledge and advancements as all of her in person students. Mi’s teaching style is one for the books that I’ve yet to see any one duplicate.

It’s only up from here! As she’s taking all of the experiences. She’s working towards someday being on sets of some of your favorite shows and movies similar to P-Valley and Hustlers. While also looking forward to the time pole will be an official olympic sport and becoming an olympic coach. It’s been in talks for a few years so her fingers are crossed! Right now though, along with being a top teacher in the US she’s slowly gaining recognition for being a top pole sales person as she has portable fitness poles for sale on her ​website​, and has for two years now. All in all she’s quickly helping to change the idea and bring a form of normalization to what we see as pole fitness and showing us what it really is. Is it art? Is it sexy? Is it Entertainment? Is it a sport? Is it fitness? Is it Ageless? Is it genderless? The answer is still and will always be, yes.

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Featured Image by Marcel Anthony