Atlanta-based girl group, MAKO Girls consists of three young women you need on your radar! The group consisting of sisters Mimi, A-Ni, and Kena Ochoa prove that their love for music is not only authentic but also that they’re striving to break all barriers with their releases. We had the pleasure of speaking with the talented group of ladies to discuss their single, “Leverage,” going viral on TikTok, and much more!

How did you guys first feel when you became viral on TikTok?

We just started TikTok last year, so going viral was initially a shock, but we were very excited! After seeing people’s reaction to our video, we were eager to create more content. 

Can you tell us about your single “Leverage” What inspired it?

The inspiration for our single “Leverage”, came from many conversations with our team and family, who have been beside us throughout our career. They let us know that if a guy wants a shot with us, they need to be on our level. We bring so much to the table, being entrepreneurs, performing artists, etc. They have to come correct! The single is very high energy and upbeat. It inspires you to exude self-confidence and self-love, knowing that it’s ok to be a little selfish.

photo courtesy of MAKO Girls 

What is something most of your viewers do not know about you each?

Something interesting about A-Ni that most people don’t know is that she has played sports. She was a competitive gymnast and captain of her high school volleyball team. People might find it interesting that Kena is a gamer, streaming while playing Call of Duty, Apex, and more. Mimi has gained an interest in skating and is determined to learn as many tricks as possible.

What goals are you hoping to accomplish in the years to come?

Some of our goals are to continue to work hard to connect with our fans and hopefully, gain more fans along the way. We are also working on fully developing our sound and craft. Some things we are most excited to achieve are collaborating with artists we love, hitting big stages, and being a part of the next set of award shows. 

What are you currently working on and what can we expect to see from you in the future?

We are preparing to release our next single “Ain’t Thinkin Bout You”, along with finishing up our EP, creating new visuals, and rocking out more live performances. One thing we are most excited about is our audience on TikTok. We have over 770k followers, closing in on 1M! You can expect to see us everywhere in the near future, because we believe we are next to blow! 

photo by Chris Brown

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Featured Image by Chris Brown