OCEANS” is the latest offering from JOVIAN’s upcoming debut album, “JOVIAN 2000 AD“. The 10-song throwback-futuristic album was first introduced to music lovers around the world with the single, “I’M READY.”. The beautiful song was written by Jovian and Kay’vion and produced by Jovian and Blood Cultures. It was then followed by the infectious “LASER DISCS.” “Laser Discs,” was the perfect alignment as the song came to be exactly when I had decided I wanted my album to be half R&B/80s Synth and half Hip-Hop,” mentions Jovian. “Overall it’s about begging for someone to see your perspective despite them being unwilling to, or maybe incapable of doing so! Despite that, the memories that were shared are still something to hold dear,” he adds.

Oceans, was the first song I happened to write for the album once I discovered the direction I wanted to take my first body of work! It’s about a plea to the moon. Being in love with something you cannot attain, no matter how much you may desire it,” Jovian shares. The song was written by Jovian and produced by YZ,

On September 22nd, fans will be able to feast themselves with Jovian’s debut album, “JOVIAN 2000 AD.” “This album is inspired by my fascination with 70s and 80s sci-fi films and how wrong they were at depicting our future. I thought about how that alternate future would have sounded and created this body of work with that in mind!.” The anticipated album will be released under the December Records/SRG-ILS Group label imprint.