This popular YouTube star and rapper, BrazyXay (born Xavier Darnell McGhee III) recently launched a Public Relations company called ‘RapidReach Public Relations‘ with co-creator JamalTheCreator. The two media influencers were always aiming to grow and develop a better image for their brands, so they decided to run their own PR campaigns. They created a strategy to make themselves have high reputation throughout the internet. Eventually, many artists and creators wanted to know how to build their brand image as well. People began to flood BrazyXay’s inbox, consulting him for his knowledge in the public relations sector.

Since the company has taken off, RapidReach has been earning an average of 10 thousand dollars in weekly revenue. The company works mainly with independent and major music labels, independent artists, and social media creators seeking to build a notable reputation throughout the music and entertainment industries. Not too many people know that BrazyXay used to work a 9-5 position at Walmart in his earlier days, before launching his YouTube career. He has mastered multi-tasking several projects and maintaining a positive mental mindset throughout his career. BrazyXay says that remaining positive and disciplined in such a selfish industry has seperated him from many other entertainers. RapidReach PR is only one of the ventures that BrazyXay is currently working on. He is constantly active with his content creation, being innovative in the industry and also giving back to the community.

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Featured Image courtesy of BrazyXay