Multifaceted Evangelist and COO of Navigation Design, Virginia Stokes sheds light on finding beauty through the adversities of life.

In a world where this is so much division, turmoil, and strife, finding beauty through the tumultuous navigations of life can be challenging, SHEEN had a chance to sit down with the ingenious Evangelist, Virginia Stokes and COO of Navigation Design to discuss finding beauty and joy in the furnace of difficulty, and to share Rehoboth Prayer Houser’s core mission to bring hope to the hopeless.

When was the first moment you affirmed yourself?

At 22, my life changed, and I had a vision. I came down a really hard road. I found out who I was and began to walk in it. I was a single parent to my daughter, and I went to lay down and take a nap with her, and I dreamed I died a painful death, woke up in a graveyard. I began to walk in the graveyard, and at the end of the graveyard was a church. I told my brothers and they laughed it off. Two months later, my brother found the church in Jacksonville and North Carolina and told me, “Hey sis, I found the church in your dream, you gotta get down here.” At the time, I was living in New Jersey with a new job and had no intentions of relocating. I was walking over a bridge on my way to work and I heard a voice that said, “Go or die.” I turned around and immediately packed me and my daughter’s things and left the city for Jacksonville. I left the city and never looked back.


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