Fernanda Torres is a bilingual advance practice registered nurse, speaker, host of the Positive Blueprints Podcast and co-creator/host of Wellness Wednesday Inspiration who is on a mission to help people find the key to a better life.  After hitting rock bottom emotionally following a series of personal events, Fernanda learned about self-healing and started applying the concepts to her own life, seeing a tremendous transformation, not only on her health, but also on her life. Fernanda is now helping others transform their health and finding the key to their best life.  She also keeps busy pouring into her self-growth, time with loved ones, and speaking at summits such as  Les Brown’s Power Voice Women’s Summit. Her interview is part of The Bounce Forward Campaign which seeks to showcase stories of pivoting through unwavering faith and action during challenging times.

Is there a connection between you being an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and becoming a Les Brown-certified motivational speaker?

There is a huge connection, yes!  I have learned through navigating with my own experiences with anxiety and depression that the traditional medicine approach is designed to keep people controlled and many times stuck where they are.  It is not designed at working at the problems from the root, but rather managing symptoms.  Most of the dis-eases we see today originate with our thoughts which cause certain feelings, and therefore our actions.  If we want to change our health, we have to work at the root.  We have to be able to tap in and trust the ability of our bodies to regain balance if we allow it by not contributing to the causes that cause dis-balance.  

Learning this, which is not taught in any school, changed my entire outlook on health.  I no longer feel that I can be an accomplice in dis-ease, rather I need to be an agent of change towards health and wellbeing.  I also understand that in order for people to understand this concept, we need more voices that are willing to speak this truth and communicate with others a message of health, hope, wellbeing and positive change.  I believe my experience as a health care provider allows me to understand dis-ease, however, now approaching it from a mind & spirit approach.  

In what ways did your life experiences prepare you to become a motivational speaker?

I have had challenges in my life that I had to overcome to be where I am.  My biggest challenge was dealing with my anxiety and depression and eventually healing myself.  So, definitely, through my life experience as well as being a witness through my profession of the need for people to understand this content, take responsibility, and to change their lives.  The aforementioned has prepared me to get on stages and deliver this message because I live it, breath it, study it, understand it, and at the same time, continue to see what lack of knowledge, or ignorance, about this continues to do to billions worldwide. 

Can you share a little bit about how you pivoted during 2020, in your professional and personal life?

Before 2020 I was working full time as a Nurse Practitioner, unhappily married, going through the motions, dealing with anxiety and depression that made it impossible to enjoy most aspects of my life and overall not being fulfilled in my life.  During 2020, my work situation changed to now working telehealth, which provided me with an opportunity to develop the courage to start putting myself out there and get my voice heard.  As my confidence increased, so did my desire to get louder, get my message out and share with the world that everyone can change their reality by changing our thoughts.  2020 was, without a doubt the year of change in my life.  I changed my career, making a determination to work in health and no longer in “medicine”, becoming a speaker, having the courage to break through fear and end a relationship that had been dead for years, have the courage to pursue my dreams and ultimately start living a life that is fulfilling in every way.  

2020 was also the year where I felt comfortable sharing my experience with dealing with anxiety and depression as I found myself feeling fully healed, understood the science through personal experience, research and study and started also applying the concepts on others seeing similar results.  

How do you create joyful experiences during these times and what motivates you to keep going?

This time is an amazing time in my life.  It is a time to be creative, to start fresh, to stay true and act on my dreams and goals.  What motivates me is being alive, loving my life, having amazing people around me that I have met along the way, having my amazing kids and knowing that they are healthy, knowing that every day I am better than the previous day and every day working on myself, on my mindset and on my drams and goals.  

What do you do to keep balanced?

I love dancing and I dance through life.  Music is a big part of my life and makes me very happy.  I love traveling and experiencing new things and situations in my life.  I love learning (reading, listening to videos, being in the Power Voice) which also helps me stay focused and motivated in the path I am in.  I love spending time with my kids and knowing that I am setting an example for their lives.  

I believe balance comes from working when you have to work, but otherwise, not taking life too serious.  I feel like I am pretty good at that. 

What do you think your sons are learning from seeing you in action during these times?

I think they are learning to not give up, to stay true to what their heart is saying to them, to act confidently in the direction of their dreams, to have fun and enjoy every day, and also to be responsible with your commitments, your word and responsibilities.  I also think they are learning that is never too late to start.  

What can we expect next from you?

I will be in platforms all over the world, continuing to speak a message of health and wellness.  I also plan on continuing to use my skills and knowledge in medical missions to serve communities in need all over the world. 

Where can readers find you online?

They can find me on FB and IG @positive blueprints as well as on my website. Lastly, they can download a FREE book I created to help understand how our thoughts, feelings and actions ultimately impact our health.



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