The very common, most underrated, and ignored depression amongst women in the United States is known as Postpartum Depression (PPD). There are more than 3 million cases every year and occur after childbirth. This depression can be scary to new moms because you can either identify it, or you can’t! Postpartum Depression comes in different forms and some moms aren’t educated on it, don’t know how to properly handle it, or don’t know they are going through it. On August 11th, 2021, an honest tweet, tweeted by a mother went viral that caused other mothers to speak up. “Postpartum depression can last up to 3 years after childbirth. Be kind to your child(ren)s mother”, a mother tweeted (@nazvre). This tweet received 14,000 retweets and almost 50,000 likes with countless comments that sparked conversation.

photo by Jake Matthews

Take Dani Mayberry, a mother from Nashville, TN who gave birth to her daughter on February 1st, 2021. Dani expressed that she suffered from PPD from the moment her daughter was born until she was about 3 months old. It hit her very fast however she was able to control it. “I was not completely educated on PPD. I just saw women post stories about it and I would read them.” Dani’s depression was not that bad, but she did get overwhelmed and nervous due to being a new mom and entering a new chapter in her life. “I did have thoughts,” Dani explained. “What if I’m not a good mom for her?” She even questioned if she would be able to go back to normal life and adjust. As of today, Dani still does get overwhelmed sometimes due to her being a stay-at-home mom but tells Sheen that she would do it all over again and again because children are pure blessings. Her PPD has gotten a lot better! Her husband and prayer are what got her through it.

Maybe you can relate to Micah Davis, a mother from Memphis, TN who gave birth to her daughter on April 29th, 2019. Micah was a senior in college and notice that she began to develop PPD from being away from her baby due to school. A lot of mom guilt began to flow through her mind. Micah had some emotional and behavioral changes that made her feel like she was going through one million emotions daily and anything could upset her. “I still have my moments when I feel sad and depressed because I feel like I could be doing way more for her but then I snap out of it because she’s happy, healthy, and needs and wants for absolutely nothing!” Micah told Sheen that she is doing great now with her PPD and has been going to therapy. She will be getting her Master’s degree this fall and is back on track with personal goals.

For these two moms, they seem to have happy endings but every story doesn’t always end that way. Mothers are those underlying heroes that don’t wear visible capes. Mothers are those certified caretakers that never sleep. Mothers deserve to be noticed and appreciated for the countless nights they have had to endure PPD alone. If you know anyone who seems to be suffering from PPD, inform them that they are not alone. There are numerous centers with local assistance and support.


Featured Image by Motelewa