Ladies, let’s face it, regardless of the size of your breast, a bra has at one point interfered with your bust’s greatness. Furthermore, after over a year spent mostly in the house, the idea of putting on a bra can be met with frowns and disdain. Pots of Honey owner and founder, Kiyauna Coney has improved the product methodology on the concept of breast tape and nipple covers to provide life and comfort, to our body’s most gravity-affected body parts.

As the women in the ’60s burned their bras as a statement of liberation, this burgeoning C.E.O. has made a similar statement for the sake of support and functionality. Not only were Pots of Honey products founded to ensure our wardrobe is seamless, having 42DD breasts of her own, Coney created the line to ensure that breasts were lifted and supported cohesively. 

Another thing that makes Pots of Honey different from its competitors is the tape that comes in various shades of brown. So often when purchasing rescue tape, women are forced to buy the archetypal nude color that blends to no one’s skin. The “Tittie City Tape” can be found in Butter Pecan, Caramel Brown, Almond Brown, and Vanilla Cream, and clear.  

Additionally,  the company’s founder personally offers all customers personalized assistance to ensure that each consumer receives the maximum benefits. So if you’re struggling to secure “the girls “ Coney will jump on a call with you, just to make sure you’re looking and feeling great. 

Check out SHEEN Magazine’s interview with the company’s founder to find out just how she started this self-proclaimed “Titty Revolution.”

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All images by DSVX Shots | courtesy of Pots of Honey