The Seymore’s are a Columbia, SC-based couple who defines black love, black magic, black empowerment, and black excellence through their businesses, artistic endeavors, and self-care routines (yoga & martial arts). Their mission is to encourage others to be light-force energy by exuding love through poetry, music, and movement.

Please tell us more about who is Nathaniel Cremson? Who is Zuri? And who are the Seymore’s?

Cremson: What’s there to know? I’m a melanated man with a plan and drive to help his people. My story is one of struggle, but such are the stories of our people. I want to change that narrative. I want to give light to new but ancient ideas. That’s who I am! I hope you like that answer. (Laughs)

Zuri:  She is a yogi, poet, director, actor, community activist, and educator. She is the daughter of the late Barry Wilson and Betty Wilson. The best friend and wife of Nathaniel Seymore. The sister of the late Marcus Wilson and Tarik Wilson. She is the auntie to many nieces and nephews, a cousin, a niece, friend, teammate, and influencer.

The Seymore’s are best friends, husband, and wife, a team, innovators ready to share our gifts with the world.

Being a marriage and striving to reveal the true essence of Black Love and Family, what motivated you both to take the direction of businesses, artistic endeavors, and self-care routines via yoga & martial arts?

Cremson: Well, in my case, I was born with it. Motivation, I mean. I was always a practical person, even as a child. And I would be drawn to those things that I know would serve me well in this life. As such, I gained degrees in business, psychology (working on it presently), and combat. Music is the icing on my illustrious cake of life!

Zuri: Yogi Robin Downes inspired me. I purchased her Yoga Flava DVD from African Shop Sphinx Paw of Columbia, SC, and immediately fell-in-love with the benefits of yoga mentally, physically, and spiritually. I practiced at home for approximately 5-years prior to studying professionally for 9 months. I have 7 years of experience instructing yoga. Prior to the pandemic, my practice was to study with my teacher weekly. Currently, I have a personal practice 3-4 times per week coupled with martial arts studies with my husband Nathaniel Seymore and cardio such as walking, running, and biking.

How long have you been studying and practicing yoga and martial arts? And which form of the arts is your preference?

Cremson: I’ve been studying Martial Science since I was about six years old. So, quite a while! Lol! I started when my father first taught me the art of Aikido. After that, I transitioned to Shuri-Ryu Karate under the guidance of the great and deceased Hanshi Ridgley Abele. I then went on to learn various other forms of martial combat like Taekwondo under the guidance of Master Tracy Goodwin; Akeru by way of Vita Saana under the guidance of Grand Master Germon Moinere-Bey, MMA and Kickboxing under the guidance of Master’s Mike and Ving Dang, Muay Thai, and MMA under the Guidance of Christian “Sama” Mageneli, and am now training under the guidance of Sensei Master Sawyer in BJJ. Not to mention the countless lessons learned from some of the best in the game while attending numerous seminars, symposiums, and traditional dojo visits to every destination business and pleasure travels may bring. I will continue on this path of gaining knowledge to strengthen my lifestyle.

Zuri: My yoga studies began 14 years ago, and my preference is yin-yoga which is a slow meditative flow that is great for stress release. My instructor Alma recommended this style for balance for my busy life. This style reminds me to return to the breath. I created my own style titled, Zuriality De-Stressing Yoga which is also a slow flow remarkably like yin and restorative yoga coupled with poetry.

Can you tell us more about your mission and what you desire for others to benefit from helping gain the knowledge of self-care and living as one’s best selves?

Cremson: That’s simple. Our mission is to prove by example that “having it all” does exist in the melanated community. You can have health. You can have wealth. And you can have true love and happiness. And through our trials, we can help others navigate the many curves, twists, pitfalls, and ultimate highs of marriage.

Zuri: Mission: To encourage others to be the light force energy by exuding love through poetry, music and movement, diet, and exercise. 

VisionTo heal through poetic expression, healthy eating, therapeutic music, and laughter.

During the current pandemic that we are all unfortunately experiencing, why is it important to live your best selves and practice self-care?

C: Aside from the basic knowledge that “better” is always best, I believe we all have heard that the healthier your immune system, the better chance of fighting Covid-19 should you contract it. Start exercising. Start eating real food. Stop being lazy. Stop making excuses.

Zuri: It is paramount for us to be our best selves and practice self-care during times of distress to aid in coping with the challenges in life. My Yin Yoga teacher, Alma told me “to appreciate the obstacles which strengthen me.” It is a daily mantra that I chant during meditation which is a part of my self-care. Additionally, self-care is also my commitment to fitness which consists of yoga, martial arts, running, walking, and biking.

What advice would you give someone that doesn’t necessarily know how to begin to go in the right direction?

Cremson: Begin in the direction that seems best. Pick one. Any path. Just Begin! That is all.

Z:  My advice is to self-reflect and to get to know oneself. Also, it is imperative to know our history. It helps to know our past while living in the present to plan our future.  Ultimately, we must know ourselves to choose directions.

For those that would like to connect with you and the mission, how can they gain additional information?

Cremson: Go to our website. Scroll to the bottom and drop your email address in the appointed box for updates and news of upcoming shows and events. Also, follow me on Instagram and click the link in my bio for a gateway to all of my social media platforms. Finally, we are launching a campaign to help fund our mission of taking back our music and the minds of our younger generation.

How can people continue to follow you individually, as well as as a team?

Cremson: Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Also, all of my other platforms @cremsongiib.

As a team, we are in the stages of launching our Martial Yoga Flow and Fitness brand nationwide. Presently, you can catch us on Facebook under our “Martial Yoga Flow and Fitness” moniker.

Z:  Please contact me on the following platforms:

A reader may find me on my website. Click here to support my online store.

Connect with Zuri on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Zurality Facebook, Personal Facebook, Martial Yoga Flow and Fitness Facebook, and Zuri’s Parallel Worlds.

Are there any final words that you would like to share?

Cremson: I want to let our community and the world know that what we do is for our people, but the information is for everybody. We are simply taking the action to realize what everyone else is still debating over. 

All photos by Mike McKinney