BeeLax is a woman of many talents, and there’s no denying her ability to produce quality music. The Chattanooga, TN native is known as the ‘Female DJ Khaled,’ but she’s in a lane of her own. She has music in the palm of her hand as she not only produces, but she’s also the weekend mix-show DJ and on-air personality on 96.7 the Beat ATL. With her knowledge, talents, and musical inspirations, she founded Top Floor Forever, a development company for artists and producers. It’s split into two sectors –management and production— and provides resources for creatives to obtain high-level access to other creatives in the industry. Meet the powerful woman in music.


As one of the top female producers in the industry, what makes a song a hit record?

A hit record is undeniable. It’s a song that everyone can relate to or resonates in some form no matter the background, ethnicity, or age. A catchy hook is a step in the right direction of making a hit record then add the bars to match and it’s a wrap!

Tell us about your newest record “Gia.” What was it like working with Ray Moon?

I’ve been working with Ray for about 3 years now. I was introduced to her by my family Dope Girl Zhane. We literally met at a lounge and have been connected ever since! She made me her DJ the first time I met her then from there I started my production company Top Floor Forever which

led me to start producing beats for her. One day in 2020, I came to one of her studio sessions, but she had a beat pack already to choose from that I sent a week or so before. She loaded the Gia beat up and from there she literally went nonstop creating Gia. If you know Ray, once she is in her zone, she’s unstoppable. Her work ethic is unmatched respectfully. I knew Gia was going to the one that would be globally known.

As the founder of Top Floor Forever, would you consider this development company as a safe space for artists and producers?

Yes, most definitely. Top Floor is a safe creative space for all artist whether we work together

frequently or not. The vibes must be right for Top Floor to be a part of it. This space was created to help artist, writers, and producers on the come up to work on a major level through my resources.

Where can they find more information about Top Floor Forever?

You can find more information through our YouTube channel, Instagram and catalogue that is released consistently. My artist Prynce Rose is releasing a single November 19th and from there I will drop another single myself. More music is how you will see what Top Floor brings to the

industry. On the production side, we have been building an extensive catalogue. That’s the focus so that we can drop music consistently and frequently for our supporters. For now, go stream GIA! 

Watch the official music video for “Gia” featuring Ray Moon below.




Images courtesy of Beelax and Top Floor Forever