Fusing together her experience with media, her passion for writing, and the natural ability to consult and connect people with resources, Media Consultant and Founder, Danielle C. Richardson launched Premier Vision PR in October 2013. Premier Vision Media is proud to offer a variety of branding and marketing services, with a niche for small business. Visit the official Premier Vision Media website.

Small Business Branding Tips – Courtesy of Premier Vision Media

Tip # 1 – The most important part of establishing your brand, especially as a new business is research and best practices. Find out what your competitors are doing, evaluate what works and what doesn’t work.

Tip #2 – Every piece of content you produce should support and reinforce your brand’s values and mission. The more you emphasize these things, the stronger your brand becomes. They become what you’re known for.

Tip #3 – Providing great service or a great product is important but if you don’t know your target audience, you won’t know how to effectively market or sell your brand.

Tip #4 – Many small businesses damage relationships with their customers due to failing to keep their promises. Standing by your word builds credibility and trust.