GOON DES GARCONS* arrives on the scene with his own unique sound, style, and swag, and he’s here to make his mark on the music industry. Born and raised in Arkansas but now calling Los Angeles home, the rising star showcases his high energy with each release, creating what he calls “peaceful chaos” within the genre of rap.

Premiered exclusively today on Sheen, GOON DES GARCONS* returns with his newest single and visual for “LIVING IN EXCESS,” inspired directly by a summer of madness. On the hook, GOON raps, “Living in excess, fucking my exes… spending my next check before the check hit. I don’t do sexting, I’m young and I’m reckless. How can I grow up? I don’t regret shit.” 

Speaking on the lyrics, GOON states, “It’s as simple as that. Life imitates art or whatever they say.”

The song’s official music video is directed by Connor Pritchard, a frequent collaborator of GOONs. The minute and half visual sees GOON in a black suit, as he brings the song to life inside a medieval looking house, with various props such as a typewriter and magnifying glass.

“LIVING IN EXCESS” will be found on his forthcoming project titled Sightseeing, arriving sometime in the near future. The EP’s theme reminds listeners to take time on your journey, and to always remember to enjoy the ride. This includes all the highs and lows to get to wherever your destination may be.