Becoming a permanent makeup artist requires a commitment to learning and an investment in your future. The payoff is a skill that leads to a thriving and lucrative business. Why is there so much potential in the field? Because the demand for permanent makeup is on the rise, and the skills are highly specialized, meaning that you can expect low supply and high demand.

Of course, as many new business owners discover, a booming industry does not mean that you will automatically make money. So, what if you’ve done all the training, begun your career, followed the necessary steps to grow and scale your business but now you find yourself stuck, floundering for clientele?

Business ownership isn’t as easy as opening your doors, putting up a sign and waiting for the clients (and money) to show up. Running a business is more like trying to juggle a million details while still performing your work as a beauty professional. But it doesn’t have to be that hard. It’s a matter of knowing which elements will get your business on the fast track to success. Here are a few things you can do to help your PMU business continue to grow, book clients, and close those deals!

Use Marketing to Build Customer Recognition and Loyalty

Your customers are the beating heart of your business. Without their loyalty and endorsements, you will have trouble building a following and drawing in new clientele. Building a loyal customer base means attracting new clients and ensuring that your current ones stick with your business for a long time.

Your customers want to feel valued and unique. You can show them how much they mean to you through special events, rewards programs, personal services and promotional packages. Use email marketing tools to keep your clients up to date with service offerings, promotions and events, and keep them coming back for more.

A career as a permanent makeup artist is fantastic, but it won’t make you an expert in the business and marketing arena, and that’s okay. If you’re not scaling your business as quickly as you want, choosing a marketing agency that understands your business well enough to know what it needs for consistent growth is key.

Build a Brand

Your brand represents your relationship with both current and potential clientele. Branding means setting an expectation for the work you perform by giving clients an idea of your company’s values and approach to providing service. Creating a brand starts with carefully considering the image you wish to project.

  1. Be yourself. Your brand is most authentic when it represents your values. You can’t set
    an expectation for one thing and produce another. Make sure you can deliver on the
    values you convey to your audience. Your clients have chosen you for a reason, own that
    and use that to continue to grow!
  2. Consider the relevance of your message. In today’s culture, beauty should be uplifting.
    Focus on the benefits your services have for the client’s confidence and self-esteem.
  3. Create a unique brand. Make sure your brand stands out from the competition.
    Consider what you can offer that your competitors don’t or won’t. Take a look at your
    competition, and really dissect their branding methods. What is working? What isn’t?
    What can I learn from my competitors?
  4. Be direct and simple. Your brand should be easy for the consumer to understand. Make
    sure that your values are clear when projecting your brand into the world.
  5. Be prepared to embrace new trends. The beauty industry is innovative and constantly
    evolving. The more services you offer, the more clients you’ll be able to book – and the
    faster your business will be able to grow.

As you continue to grow, so will your business – it’s up to you to use the tools available to you to keep up with your growth and scale your business. Remember that today’s decisions are the key to your long-term success!

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