Whether you are a college girl planning your post pandemic hot girl summer or a single mom trying to manage working from home; in addition to being an involuntary teacher. It is important to take time just for you.

With the world on your shoulders and the unsolicited images of black men being killed by the police, mask wearing, hand sanitizer, childhood traumas, COVID-19 deaths and perfectly photo shopped Instagram beauties living there best lives in Tulum in the midst of a global pandemic; we are subconsciously being bombarded with triggers for anxiety.

The phrase Self-care Sunday recently re-evolved into our worlds through the stories of Issa and Molly from our favorite binge worthy series, Insecure. No, it does not have to be a Sunday, but yes, it is necessary. After all, your longest relationship ever will be with you. In no particular order, here are 4 easy and inexpensive go to selfcare duties to keep your blood pressure low and your spirits high.

Recapturing Nostalgic Moments

Did you know that revisiting a moment from earlier in your life is good for your mental health? Now, I am not talking about that “take me back,” captioned IG picture from two summers ago. We’re talking about something nostalgic. It can be as simple as jamming out to that old B2K song in the car in the morning (or New Edition depending on your generation.) It could be backing that ‘thang’ up in the mirror to Juvenile like you did in the ’99 and 2000’s.

Another quick hit nostalgic selfcare stress relieving go-to, is watching an old childhood movie. Many of our stomached fluttered with butterflies as Disney announced that they’ll be adding the brown skinned, microbraid wearing version of Cinderella to their streaming service.

Whatever you fancy, steer clear of those men bashing broken hearted songs that made no sense then but make sense now or films like Roots or The Color Purple. Remember, the goal is to reexperience moments that made you feel good.

What’s the Tea?

Ok modern-day girl, this does not mean indulge in the latest gossip and shade being thrown in your friend group or at your favorite Atlanta housewife. Though a guilty pleasure, babble would be remissive to your self-care journey.

Let’s talk drinking tea, and not just any tea, chamomile. You may have noticed chamomile in some of your favorite beauty products but is also is known for is relaxing properties. Enjoy a nice hot cup of chamomile tea anytime of the day for a calming effect.

Not only does it make you feel good it is boasting with antioxidants and have a lot of longtime health benefits. And if living a little longer doesn’t put the icing on the cake for you, it tastes a lot better than that green tea you’ve been drinking.

Get Lost in a Good Book

There’s nothing like diving into a good book. Keyword “good.” A good book is self-determined based on what interests, engages, and appeals to you. After a nice warm shower lay in bed, light some candles, turn the night light on, and read. Take a moment and get lost in someone’s else’s story; or if you need motivation jump into some inspiration to lead you on your way. Need a laugh, try Tiffany Haddish’s, The Last Black Unicorn. Want the secrets to a better life try The Four Agreements. Feeling a little erotic, pick up some old school Zane. Looking for a sure fire feeling of relaxion, hit the nostalgic button with The Coldest Winter ever.

The best time to read is right before bed. Reading before bed may even make your dreams more enjoyable.

Time away from Tech

Today, we use our phones for just about everything. We are constantly obsessed with capturing each and every moment of our day or viewing each and every moment of someone else’s. If you didn’t get a picture of it did it even happen? It’s as if people have to prove they are living. Though Tik Tok challenges and crafting clever essay long text responses may sometime be fun or necessary, constantly engaging in technology creates avid anxiety and can easily develop into an addiction.
Did you know that an Instagram likes produces the same endorphins in your body as sex and chocolate? Think about it. What effect do you think this have on one’s self esteem, when they receive not so many likes?

Set time aside away from technology to just be. Be present, put the phone down and experience the moments. This will allow for deeper connections and moments to just be you and not who the world tells you to be.


This feature was submitted by Ranecia Dee


Ranecia Dee is a spoken word artist, curriculum writer, and English Professor. She is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin; but calls Atlanta home.  Ranecia is an HBCU graduate and holds a master’s degree in education and Professional Development. She enjoys vintage fashion, anything nineties, poetry, fine dining, and literacy advocacy.