Montee Holland is the President and CEO of Tayion Collection of Fashion Suits. He’s the man behind the oh-so-luxury suits men around the world have showcased on a daily basis so naturally, we had to get to know just who the mastermind is. Not only is he passionate about fashion but he wears many hats in life as a leader for our youth and philanthropist. In this exclusive interview, Holland opened up to us about just how he made his passion for fashion into a business.

Tell us about the inspiration to create Tayion Collection of Fashion Suits.

I’ve always had a love and desire to be in the fashion industry as a young man growing up in Detroit. I saw fashion in everything. Whether that be a well dressed family member, a Motown performer on television or a teacher at my high school. I wasn’t exactly sure how I would turn that passion for fashion into a business, but I knew that I had a deeply rooted desire to be apart of the clothing world. It was during my USMC tour overseas where Tayion was first born. While stationed in Japan, I sought after creative fabrics and patterns to design my own suits at pop up shops in the southeastern Asian countries I visited. I would have suits, shirts and pants made for myself and friends and strangers alike would compliment the styles. Several years later while working at Pfizer pharmaceuticals, I stepped out on faith to turn my hobby into a full time business.  

You are a business man, U.S. military veteran, and philanthropist. How do you juggle all the roles?

My years serving in the United States Marine Corps provided me with the opportunity to serve my country as well as the experience of helping others. In order to fulfill my philanthropic endeavors, I understand I have to continue to work hard at my business in order to experience success in both. I have a clear understanding that the more successful my company becomes the more flexibility I will have to help and or serve others. I just need to find that illusive 25th hour in the day!

photo by courtesy of Tayion Collection

Can you tell us about your efforts to raise funds to benefit college-bound young African American men? Why is this something you are so passionate about?

Mentorship has always been an extremely important part of my life. In fact, my passion for assisting young people with the opportunity to attend college is as strong as my passion for the Tayion Collection. I feel that young men and women, especially those that come from impoverished backgrounds need to have advocates who can help them navigate through the issues that arise in society. I’m extremely proud that I have garnered more than 50 full ride scholarships for student athletes over the years. The majority of whom have matriculated through college and have gone on to have careers in athletics, corporate America as well as the entrepreneurial sector. My goal is to help cultivate as many diverse leaders, business professionals and minority entrepreneurs as I can. I’m looking forward to the next 20 years of providing mentorship to people without means… If not us, then who?

photo by courtesy of Tayion Collection

What are you currently working on? What can we expect to see from you in the future?

We are currently working on several large projects. The first being increased distribution. I’ve been in negotiations with several big box accounts and we are very close to securing a deal with all of them. Once we become a vendor to these large national retailers, our brand will experience exponential growth in all aspects of the fashion industry. Also, we’re considering a partnership with arguably the most powerful apparel company in North America, which will certainly increase our brand awareness across the globe. However, the consistent thing you can expect to see from The Tayion Collection in the future is our continued pursuit to provide a quality product, innovative design and cutting edge fashion elements with the same competitive price point that the market has become accustom to.

photo by Kyle Fierro at MAGIC Mens 2020

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