It’s National Wellness Month. For over 25 years, Michael has been constantly enhancing his massage therapy skills to continue assisting clients in their relaxation, balance, and healing. His specialties are in various massage techniques and bodywork modalities that include stretching, Swedish and deep tissue therapies, lymphatic drainage and post-operation massage, acupressure, trigger point therapy, energy work, and much more.  
He is also a professional fitness trainer and health coach who offers virtual and in-person sessions for exercise, nutrition, and mindset counseling.

Tell us a little about your business.

Michael: WAR 5 Health & Wellness helps people to reconnect and utilize their power within so that they can improve their health. We’ve been in business for almost 30 years and enjoy assisting individuals to become the best version of themselves.

We utilize mindset coaching, nutritional counseling, iridology, body assessments, fitness training, and various massage therapy and bodywork modalities to guide clients to an improved state of well-being. Our most popular service is massage therapy and bodywork; many of our clients call it “The Ultimate Massage Experience” as they always leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and empowered.


Do you believe in work-life balance? If so, how do you maintain it?

Michael: Indeed, I believe and live by balancing work and life. My main message to clients is to balance all aspects of their lives. Making time for themselves and their loved ones is imperative. We must live, and not just live to work. I maintain this balance by intentionally organizing my schedule to ensure that I adhere to these principles.


What would attract listeners to your story? 

Michael: Listeners will be intrigued by my journey because many will be able to relate to it. I’ve taken what brings me joy, and I’ve expanded and applied my knowledge to help others better balance all areas of their lives (spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically, heartfully, and soulfully). In addition, I practice the principles that I teach, so I am a living example.


What is your proudest business accomplishment?

Michael: I am not sure if there is one achievement that stands out above the rest.

Clients have told me on numerous occasions that I have healed them, but I let them know that they healed themselves, and during the process, they permitted me to spark their driving forces while offering guidance. The satisfaction of knowing that my help and expertise has made a positive impact on my client’s lives is immeasurable.


It’s Wellness Month. What is wellness to you?

Michael: Helping people become healthier is the root of WAR 5 Health & Wellness. To us wellness means being aware, listening to our forces, and acting to bring a supreme balance to all that we are. We believe that true health comes from within, and we are here to partner with our clients on their journey of self-discovery. Our goal is to help them find balance in body, mind, and spirit so that they can live their best life!


August is also Black Business Month. How important do you feel it is to support and promote other Black Business owners?

Michael: We support other Black businesses on a regular basis. If we do not already know someone who can assist us in achieving something, we will reach out to someone in our network who can help.

I have been working with my own people long before I officially started this business. I will always encourage us to continuously circulate our spiritual, mental, and monetary energies amongst ourselves.


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