Our eyes are the gateway to our future. So why not protect them with fashionable lenses? It’s a win win for all! Chief Vision Officer, Juliette Nelson founded NURILENS as a means to connect fashion, function and meaning. Her luxury brand also serves as eyewear protection with blue light filters. Juliette not only created eyewear with unique designs but also fully functional to protect ourselves from viewing screen devices for long periods of time. Here’s what she shared about her brand, eyewear protection and unique design:

photo by Demas Photography

photo by Hylens Photography

What’s the concept behind your unique eyewear brand? 

The concept behind NURILENS is combining fashion + function + meaning all in one pair of frames. With a pair of glasses that make people look good and feel good, our message becomes “See through the Lens of Your Purpose”. We celebrate self-expression, culture, and identity while challenging our customers to live with purpose and impact.

photo provided by NURILENS

photo provided by NURILENS

What was the deciding factor in using wood materials? 

I honestly don’t remember how I fell on the idea of wood, but I knew that I wanted something different from the status quo. I do know what when wood became that lightbulb that went off in my head, I was immediately drawn to it because I have a mother who loves handcrafted wooden items. Having that at the forefront of my mind, I discovered how much more sustainable it was than using other materials.  I look for meaning in all that I do, I found that wood has a spiritual representation of knowledge, wisdom and longevity. It’s the same way in which trees are deeply rooted, and in spite of the storms that come, it continues to evolve and grow. That brought about the meaning behind the brand of Seeing through the lens of your purpose.

What’s the significance of using blue light filters? 

During the holiday season of 2018, I discovered how gamers use blue light filters to protect their eyes since they spend hours in front of a screen playing video games. I then thought of the students and professionals that I was serving during that time who also experience an overconsumption of screen time and would benefit from blue light filters. I then made it a point to include that as part of the standard of quality for NURILENS’ eyeglasses. It also brings meaning as it supports our customers in pushing toward their goals and visions in life.

What new collections, specials, or events can we be on the lookout for? 

“NURILENS’ one year launch anniversary is on November 10th, which is a small but big milestone. We will be releasing a sunglass lens feature for our frames and also be offering solutions to help our customers maintain the integrity of their wooden frames and lenses.

This fall, have a clearer vision with a trendy pair of NURILENS. Flaunt your luxury, fashion eyewear with a twist while protecting your vision for the future. Connect with Juliette Nelson of NURILENS by clicking here.

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Writer C. Scott is a mom, authorpreneur and social worker. Follow her writing as @curls_coils.



Featured Image provided by NURILENS