The ideal confession of love or a promise for a happily ever after with diamonds is nothing less than a dream come true for anyone!

Opting for a lab grown diamond ring or other dreamy diamond sparkles for your proposal is the perfect way to express your love, as they stand for enduring passion and dedication.

Often people prefer to purchase more ethical and sustainable products, and what’s better than investing your time for your loved one on affordable lab grown diamonds.

Furthermore, diamonds are a common option for Valentine’s Day presents since they have long been linked to romance and love. 

Definitely, for all romantic occasions getting a heart shaped diamond ring is a wished-for option. The diamond is crafted into a heart shape by producing a symmetrical form with a rounded bottom and a sharp top. 

They are frequently presented as special occasion presents, such as engagements, marriages, and anniversaries. The heart’s unusual form provides a personal touch to the ring and is a favorite option among couples. 

Speaking of personal touch and a favorite of the couples here is another stunning style that is sure to show you the best sparkle! 

Check out the distinctive three-stone diamond rings for all of your significant occasions.

Della Three stone

Two pear shaped side diamonds are placed in a three prong setting on the Della three stone ring, which also has a beautiful solitaire that is supported by four prongs.

This stunning three stone lab diamond ring has a cathedral style shank that gives a flawless touch to the pattern and tapers gently toward the peak.

The pear shape, sometimes referred to as the teardrop shape, combines the round and marquise cuts and has one side with a sharp end and the other with a rounded end. The pear shape acts as the centerpiece of the pear shaped diamond ring.

These rings are a common choice for engagement rings and may be set in various settings, including solitaires and accent diamonds. The best example is the Leona Three stone diamond ring from Friendly Diamonds.  

Leona Three Stone

With the solitaire stone placed in a four prong setting, the elegant Leona three stone diamond ring has a sleek, traditional style. 

Diamonds’ extraordinary glitter and brilliance are well renowned for inspiring awe and enchantment in those who see them. That is why they are a romantic and engaging gift that will likely be appreciated.

The central stone in cushion cut diamond rings commonly showcases wider facets and square or rectangular shapes. These cushion cuts are referred to as “pillow cuts,” giving the stone a softer, more brilliant look.

These diamonds are used for engagement rings because of their antique allure. It is possible to pair cushion cut diamonds with various metal bands and place them in a solitaire, halo, or three-stone setting.

Dionne Three stone

The Dionne diamond ring’s magnificent three stone design symbolizes the ethereal link between two souls. The centerpiece solitaire diamond is the pinnacle of beauty and sophistication, set in a four prong basket.

Intricately crafted oval diamonds are placed as side stones on the ring’s sides to further enhance the setting’s brilliance. 

Valentine’s Day is the ideal moment to express your love; for many individuals, a diamond uniquely, eternally, and enduringly embodies that love.

Undoubtedly, people choose to purchase these dainty lab diamond rings. Further, if you want to add that eco-friendly touch to your diamonds, check out the exquisite collection at Friendly Diamonds! 

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