Alas, we are almost close to the closeout of the 2023 Top 23 Female CEOs list.  Over the past few weeks, we learned from women who have made great strides in the business and entrepreneurial world, proving their exceptional capability and determination in breaking the glass ceiling and defying stereotypes.

As we end the list while waving goodbye to March and Hello to April., a month devoted to empowering and celebrating women we highlight our final 11 female CEOs who are making waves in their respective industries. These women are not only successful in their businesses, but they are also leading the way for other women to follow in their footsteps.

From Tech to fashion to ministry, these CEOs are pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. They are creating innovative solutions to complex problems and using their platforms to advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion.

We recognize the importance of uplifting and showcasing women in positions of power and influence. We hope that by highlighting these 23 female CEOs, we can inspire the next generation of women leaders to aim for the top and never settle for less.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the final portion of the list of Sheen Magazine’s Top 23 Female CEOs to Watch.

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Meet Robiar Smith

CEO OF R.B. Pest Solutions

Meet Robiar Smith, the CEO of R.B. Pest Solutions. In a male-dominated field, she is trailblazing her way to the top, creating a legacy business and assisting with economic growth in her community.  She didn’t choose Pest Control, Pest Control choose her! She giving the pest management industry a facelift by managing a successful pest control service-based business, opening a pest retail store in the community, and now launching her OWN pest product line! The first product she’s introduced to the world is Bug Strike! An all-natural insecticide for insects.

After 3 degrees and joining corporate America with one purpose in mind, she didn’t know at the time, but in reality, she was being prepared to run her own multi-billion dollar company.

Anyone who talks to her can see the passion she has for this industry and the love she has for her family.

The letter “B” in the name R.B. Pest Solutions is in honor of her parents. Since her parents, Michael and Dolores, didn’t have any sons, it is important for Robiar to carry on her parent’s legacy with this company.  Robiar’s work ethic and business strategies will not go in vain. Generations to come will know about the parents who taught her so much! They’re the best teachers a woman could ask for. Dolores, Robiar’s mother, introduced her father to extermination. In return, he showed his daughter, a little black girl from the south side of Chicago, the true meaning of entrepreneurship. She learned to create her own lane and live her dreams while creating a legacy for her family and community!

What’s to come in 2023? What makes you a must-watch business trailblazer?

Robiar just launched her very own pest product line and the first product is Bug Strike!

Advice for women in your industry?

we’re necessary and much needed! Our presence and input bring a unique perspective to the industry! We are enough!

How to connect:

All social media platforms are @r.b.pestsolurions

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Meet Donice Bibbs

CEO of John Wesley Eyewear Designs

As a lover of the arts, fashion, and music, I feel art is extremely important to our community. Art is also important to our culture. Art represents life, it brings us all closer together.  Art allows us to express our individuality. Art allows us to create. We are art. It is our goal to implement the art of fashion into eyewear.

What to watch in 2023:

We will continue to provide and merge affordability with quality and luxury. We are striving to design eyewear to meet all walks of life and grab the attention of the beholder. We remain consistent in our innovation by designing eyewear to fit the eye and keep up with the time, we personal touch by keeping all of our clients in mind knowing their story and providing them with the best product to tell it, and restoring confidence through providing everyone a product that meets the needs and keeps you looking good while doing it. Grab a pair and keep your eyes on us.

Advice for women in your industry?

Dream Big! Like really really big. Write your business plan like you are already a Fortune 500 company. Don’t think small. Don’t play small and you won’t stay small. Plan and prepare twice. Lay the foundation. Do the work. It will work if you work it. That way when God sends you increase and expansion, you are prepared to receive it.

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Meet LaTrina Joshua

The CEO of Bijou Body Spa, Bijou Health and Wellness Center, and Bijou Training Institute (Located at 1931-1935 W. 95th Street, Chicago IL)

LaTrina Joshua, wife, and mother of 3 has been in the healthcare industry for more than 20 years. She has acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree, a Nursing license, and certification as a Manual Lymphatic Therapist.

In 2018, Latrina decided to combine her bedside manner, love of helping others, medical background, and passion for the beauty industry, to open her very own Non-Invasive Health and Wellness Spa.

LaTrina’s goal has always been to motivate, uplift and be a positive influence for women and men alike. She spends a great deal of her time doing community service work, volunteering, networking, and speaking engagements. She currently serves as a member of The  American Med Spa Association (AmSpa), and The Beverly Hills 95th Street Business Association of Chicago.

LaTrina has mastered the “Art of Noninvasive Body Contouring”, and now offers in-person and online Master courses through the Bijou Training Institute,  as well as mentorship to others who would like to become Noninvasive Body Contouring Technicians.

LaTrina wears many hats and is dedicated to helping others reach their life’s goals. In her leisure time, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, traveling, and attending cultural events.

Why watch should readers watch LaTrina Joshua?

In 2023, I will be offering new services that cater to the health, wellness, and healthy weight loss client. Also, clinical and therapeutic massages will be available.

I am a “must-watch” trailblazer because I have not only forged my own path in this industry, but I am creating new markets and pathways for others. I am a visionary who follows my visions through to execution.

Advice for women in your industry?

The advice that I always give women that are in this industry is to have a vision, be relentless, take chances, and don’t be afraid to fail because failure is a part of success.

How can readers connect with you (Social Media)

IG: @Bijoubodyspa FB: Bijou Body Spa

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Meet Natalie Birdsong

CEO of Hair By Natalie B. LLC

Natalie is the founder of Hair By Natalie B, a global luxury hair brand, with a central focus on restoring customers’ confidence, through impeccable styling and high-quality hair care products.

What’s to come in 2023? What makes you a must-watch business trailblazer?

In 2023, I am focused on getting my products in retail stores, stepping onto major platforms to educate people about proper hair care, and restoring confidence through self-care practices.

I am a must-watch trailblazer because I am using my brand and influence to educate and empower others to become the best versions of themselves… and am providing tools and services to support that pursuit.

Advice for women in your industry?

I would advise any woman in my industry to use their gifts and talents to add value to others’ lives and to teach as many people as she can. It’s not just about what you know… it’s about what you can deposit in others.

How can readers connect with you (Social Media)

You can follow and connect with me on IG: @iamhairbynatalieb

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Meet Jasmine Hagan

CEO of Westside Community Group Inc.

The youngest of 16 and a parentless child Jasmine has learned to survive and seize every opportunity as if it’s her last. Resilience is her middle name!

What’s to come in 2023 for Jasmine?

She will be focusing on expanding her lending business and team while doubling her real estate portfolio.

Advice for women in your industry?

Trust yourself & go for it! You can only fail if you don’t try!

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