With over 20 years of experience in the world of entertainment – Danika Berry decided it was time to step into a new realm. The release of her brand, Glam Body officially launched back in 2017 and people are still raving over skincare scrub creations. As natural businesswoman, she took it upon herself to create something of her very own to help combat her struggles with eczema as well as her children’s. As they say, since then, the rest was history. In our exclusive interview with Danika Berry, she opened up to us about the struggles she faced with stress breakouts and eczema, her favorite product from her line, and much more.

Tell us about the creation of Glam Body, LLC. What inspired it?

Well, back in 2017 when I started the brand, I was dealing with frustrating break outs and eczema that were all related to stress from my marriage. My children also suffered from eczema, which then led me to create a natural product to cure it, instead of using steroids. We would always go to the doctor for a steroid, but the eczema would always come back. I just started using natural products, although there were some that I didn’t like. I did research and it took me eight months to formulate my own because I didn’t like the products I was using. I created something in my kitchen, and it worked like a charm! It got rid of my eczema, breakouts, and that’s when I started the line. It was built out of love and pain, of course which ended in divorce.

What is your favorite product from your brand? Why?

My favorite is the Dry Skin Buster Coconut Coffee Scrub. First of all, it smells delicious – good enough to eat. Actually, all of our products smell good enough to eat, of course I wouldn’t advise it (laughs). It also keeps my skin super soft. When you use the coffee scrub in the shower, it’s like the dirtiest clean ever. It really exfoliates the skin in the shower. Once you get out, you don’t even need lotion. The natural oils infused into the coffee does wonders. The Dry Skin Buster Coconut Coffee Scrub is totally my favorite.

It’s obvious that self-love is something that you are passionate about. Can you tell us why?

Self-love is very important to me and I am passionate about it because just as humans, we all have experienced some type of trauma or pain due to the trials and tribulations of life. I’m an advocate, I don’t allow anyone to break me down. I feel as if it’s important to know your worth, value, and removing bad energy from your life. You have to be comfortable in your own skin. I just feel that you have to know and love yourself, while not relaying on people’s opinions, how they perceive you, or how they think of you. You need to love yourself first and stop worrying about what other people may think of you. Just live your life for you. That’s what I’m on the road to doing for myself.

In addition, you aim to empower women struggling with self-esteem and depression. Why are you so dedicated to this?

I am that woman that suffered from self-esteem issues and depression. It was due to [for me personally] relationship issues. When the person of the opposite sex makes you feel worthless and less than [or they treat you that way], you start to feel that way. I always felt like there was no hope. That panicking, helpless feeling that sets in when you start to believe that you exist only to help others exists or when every small thing in your life feels like a struggle. From brushing your teeth to getting dressed, or even trying to eat, it’s a horrible feeling. No woman should suffer and not feel good enough. The truth is, there is hope and you can recover. Anyone can be stricken by depression. Women are about twice as likely than men due to biological and hormonal factors. I know a lot of mine came from my hormones, which is why I try to regulate now with what I put in my body and how I take care of myself. Diet and exercise of course help my skin as well. It’s super important to love yourself and to understand that you don’t have to live your life for everyone else but only for yourself.

What can we expect to see from you in 2021?

I’ll say from a personal standpoint, I’m all about being a wonderful mommy to my three beautiful children. Good energy, self-care, and wellness are all things I’m focusing on. I want to make my clients healthy, sustain growth for Glam Body, and releasing additional products.

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All images by Derrick Hines