Renowned media personality Peter Rosenberg and DJ/radio personality and comedian Cipha Sounds released a bonus episode of their Juan Ep Is Life Podcast featuring RZA from the Wu-Tang Clan and Q-Tip of A Tribe Called Quest. The episode covered the releases of Wu-Tang’s Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers and A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnight Mauraders albums. Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers and Midnight Mauraders were released on November 9, 1993.

Peter and Cipha asked Q-Tip and RZA when they heard their peers’ respective albums as they both dropped their albums on the same day. Q-Tip revealed that he heard that Wu-Tang album days before its release. RZA said he listened to Tribe’s album that week. RZA stated that Wu-Tang went back and forth between listening to Midnight Marauders and Doggystyle which was released the same week.

Q-Tip opened up on how anniversaries like the album release can be bittersweet. Q-Tip said:

“I can empathize with artists who were a part of a unit and one of them is gone… the music is the saving grace because you get to relive that moment when you’re performing it posthumously. You get to relive it. It becomes animated again. Then, the bittersweet part is that they’re not there in the physical sense… You know, music- that’s why we’re all so drawn into it. The aspect is that we can’t really touch it. It’s not tangible. Music moves people but the minute you turn it off, it’s not there but it stays with you. It’s a very ethereal relationship we have with music as music lovers and music practitioners. So when you have things like milestones, they’re there to remind you of the grace you’ve been afforded, the blessings that have been placed upon you, and the value of if you feel like you’re not in a great position, that you have an anniversary, birthday, or something like that to know you’re still here and that you can do better.”

The latest episode of Juan Ep Is Life is now out on all streaming platforms.


Media Peter Rosenberg and DJ, comedian, and radio personality Cipha Sounds co-host the Juan Ep Is Life Podcast. The duo covers hip-hop and the politics that intertwine with the culture. The duo had many different guests over the years such as Nickelus F, Westside Gunn, DJ Clark Kent, and more.

Photo Courtesy of The Legion Media Group