4/20 is every stoner’s favorite holiday, which is exactly why Queen Key chooses this date to release her new project. The Chicago native returns today with her newest project titled Surviving Queen Key, her first release as an independent artist. Clocking in at 6 tracks, the EP was inspired directly by someone she knew personally, who decided to run to the internet to talk shit and make her look like a bad person. 

Queen Key explains, “At the end of his post, he’s like, ‘Surviving Queen Key.’ When I heard that, you know that got a little ring to it. I like that. Fuck you mean? Exactly, Surviving Queen Key. Period. But I took the high road, I’m the bigger person about it. It’s a project now. That’s really for anybody, who acts like they gotta survive a bitch. You either survive or you’re dead.”

She adds, “Beyond the irritating ass people who inspired it, it’s also real life. It’s me having to survive Queen Key too, shit. It’s where I’m at right now in my career. 5 new songs to speak to my fans, let motherfuckers know how I feel.”

Surviving Queen Key is spearheaded by lead singles “Guns & Butter” and “Hell Woods,” with the latter’s official music video dropping today as well.