Protective styles like wigs, weaves and braids are many natural hair girls go too’s. To centuries women have been rocking wigs for protection and as styles and techniques evolve so does application. Tamika Gibson who is also known as the “Hair Diagram”, is a professional slayer of wigs and the creator of The Bold Hold. The Bold Hold was introduced to the world in 2003 and have been taking off ever since.  From Liquid Gold to Lace Jelly, The Bold Hold has become one the leading hair product brands in wig slayage and maintenance.

 “I have been a hairstylist for over 24 years, and I was an educator for Mizani for 8 years. When I first started in the industry, I was in hair school and at that you are trying to make a decision if you are going to specialize in certain things and at that point, I was indecisive. So, I had a young lady come in and she was going through cancer and had unfortunately lost all of her hair and one of my instructors knew that I knew how to construct wigs because we would do them on the stocking caps with glue. So, my teacher came and got me and I made her wig on the spot like within 30-45 minutes and I made it similar to how she use to wear her own hair so that it would feel natural to her and she cried, I cried and others cried. I knew then that I wanted to do any and every type of hair style no matter if it’s cutting, coloring and be as educated as I can be.”

Education is one area that Gibson takes pride in as she pays it forward to new stylist by creating online classes that they can take to stay up to date in techniques, trends, and product usage. Using the right products is key to the maintenance and protection of your hair underneath the cap,

 “Many women fail to use the right products when wearing wigs, sew in’s or quick weaves and they experience loss of edges, hair breakage and severe damage to their natural hair because of it. For some the goal is to get a quick style in for looks and not necessarily for protection. It’s very important to do your research on products to make sure that they are not only used correctly but they are for your grade of hair.” says, Tamika Gibson.

Gibson began her journey of creating her hair dynasty with the launch of her own product line called, The Bold Hold which is an innovative line to assist hair stylists with the application of lace fronts wigs and frontals. On staying consistent a business owner, she says,

 “You have to be inventive and innovative to keep business going and growing. Because I’m an educator I research and stay up to date with trends. I want to be able to offer clients more than products, I want to offer classes and be educated in what I speak about and provide products that I can stand behind. The Bold Hold has grown so much in such a short amount of time and I’m grateful to be able to offer stylists a variety of products to use to achieve the styles they want.”

Major influencers and hair style kings from Anthony Cuts to Alonzo Arnold can be seen using The Bold Hold products during their demonstrations and on their clients, Gibson says.

 “It feels amazing to see my peers using my products and not only using them but vouching for something that I took time to create and develop for our industry. We work together in other avenues and just to see them support me the that they do is amazing and honor. Anytime that you can get genuine support for industry leaders and influence is a major thing. This industry can be hard and it can be hard to get respect and support but my support team is amazing. When I see the support on social media and watch videos of stylist using my products, I’m humbled.”

Featured Image by Nathan Pearcy