When people think of Juneteenth, you expect to me surrounded by you kin, indulging in some good soul food, and a soul trainline at some point led by somebody’s uncle. We celebrate together to remember that day in 1865 from Galveston to the ATL, within our molecular memory we reach to our ancestors to celebrate, to uplift, and to amplify our existence.

These elements and more were nestled right in the heart of Atlanta during Unbothered’s, The Glow Up. Hosted at the infamous event complex ATLiens know as 787 Windsor, this complex was revamped into a fully immersive experience. Not only highlighting some power players in bringing our culture to the forefront, but also a way to bask in each others experience and identity with blackness.

With dozens of installations, vendors, and one of a kind activities, The Glow Up was truly an experience you had to be there to see. It wasn’t just an event but an opportunity to view our collective experiences from different perspectives. The intention of unity, and liberation unlocked amongst all attendees and the two day event was nothing short of a family affair amongst distant relatives.

The Sheen Magazine team entered the gates of what appeared to be a lavish but traditional cookout or block party. Bamboo earrings long nails and avant-garde hairdos buzzed about 787 Windsor, as crowds flooded to get glimpses of all celebrity guest, and show off a very unique style when it comes to celebrating a day of liberation. We kicked off our afternoon with content creator, author, and fashion maven, Simi Moonlight in the Creator’s Studio presented by Target. The author of When You Decide to Be Honest; and founder of ‘Black & Seen’, gave us insight to her now renowned self love journey and her experience growing and glowing this Juneteenth. Coming off of several notable beauty features highlighting her eye-catching stylings, Simi truly does have a way with words when it comes to not only empowering those she influences but also empowering herself.

After a photo opp, we headed over to The WooSah Pavilion where the cast of P Valley took to the stage to discuss the unique and culturally significant looks that are developed every weekend. We even caught up with Roulette herself, played by Gail Bean. The Stone Mountain native portrays a fiery newcomer to The Pynk whose personality is just as “down souf” as her look.

“Roulette is just so… Atlanta! I really wanted to bring the women who influence her look and her personality to life. I feel like I gave this character life and gave her to the city. Her look, her fireryness, her attitude, her outlook of “GO GET THE BAG” everything,”

Bean went on to rave about the lead makeup artist on the show,

“J Denelle is amazing…she was able to pull out all of those fine, simple, important details.. Whether it be a nail here, a wing , a stone. She captured everything. It is special. It makes you feel seen. It makes you feel as though you’re not alone. It makes you feel celebrated and loved as a black woman. Everyone who was a part of bringing these characters to life; they did their part, ans they did it to where you realize no one else could have done it.”

J Denelle pays such close attention to detail in creating these characters. During their panel, Psalms Salazar who plays Whisper gave her insight into using her spirituality and weaving it into authenticity of the character. Pro Makeup Artist J Denelle gave her detailed account of the hours of preparation into creating not just characters but the embodiment of collective experiences to the screen. Up to seven hours are used for application of tattoos, hair, makeup, nails, and overall; creating a fantasy and realism that can be conveyed to the viewer. The Pynk and all her employees are carefully crafted where fashion, culture and femininity intersect.

As we closed our exclusive with the cast of P Valley, we headed over to the Glow N’ Roll, Presented by Clorox. This installation took us all the way back with a full size roller rink equipped with skate rental and an amazing sounds by DJ ALLURR, DJ MISS H.E.R, and more.n Dozens of skaters both expert and novice glided across the floor in a nostalgic space that is ingrained into the

culture of the ATL. The roller rink also served as the stage for rapper Big Boss
Vette with her hottest single ”Snacth”. The energy surged and never dropped as several DJs, and celebs highlighted this roller rink installation and party goers, showed o there moves well into the evening.

After trying to escape the Georgia heat, we stopped by the “My Coin Marketplace” to cool o, and charge up at the events complimentary charging and hydration stations. This open air market was swimming with vendors from all over, everything from food, to apparel, this section was full of folks just trying to cool o and spend some coin! The coolest of these places being the Glow Studio, presented by Ulta Beauty. This culturally familiar beauty salon was so immersive you could smell the sizzle of a hotcomb! With complimentary products from Juvia’s Place, Fenty Beauty, Black Opal and Nude Sugar by Toni Braxton. After we got our goodies and grabbed some refreshments from one of the many food trucks, we headed over to e Black Hair Experience to grab some photos at their installation, While there we met with their team and discussed the importance of acknowledging black hair and black fashion as unique and sacred elements of our culture.

“Its about us, our kinks, our curls, its about the nails, its about the gold teeth, every element of current fashion started at OUR cookouts, our corner stores, our beauty supply store so this is about us being seen and seeing our selves as the catalyst for what society deems as fashion.”

To end the first day we headed back to the Woosah Pavillion for Next Up ATL, and exclusive performances from CoCo Jones, Kaash Paige, Pap Chanel and more but, we didn’t wear ourselves out for too long, because day one of The Glow Up had us excited for day two.

The social celebration of Juneteenth kicked off and our team couldn’t wait to submerge themselves in the second day of festivities. The day kicked off in the VIP media room. This setting was absolutely beautiful and covered in dierent foliage and architecture, we were greeted with complimentary cocktails and snacks to get our day full of content

started. After arriving to Glow N Roll the crowd gave a show as pro skaters showed off their moves and several guests even gave us a phenomenal ballroom vogue down! It was just what the crowd needed because up next was a star on the rise!

After a stellar performance rapper, KALI gave us an energetic and authentic interview on her rise to fame, and her reason why.

“It was the crowd for me! I had all the pretty ladies outside feeling themselves and it made me feel good, so its up!”

With signature tracks like “MMM-MMM” and “Do a B****” KALI is an artist for the girls! Her fiery lyrics and smooth vocal tone makes her sound one that you will always recognize!
Since it was Juneteenth we asked her about her girl power take no nonsense lyrics and her inspiration.

“Its important for not just women, but women who look like me, who have skin like mine, they need to be seen and need to feel good.”

After KALI gave us the inside scoop we killed some time in the, My Coin Marketplace and did a few rounds “Sheen Cookout Questions” before we got ready for the BIGGEST artist to take the stage! At Target Creator’s Studio, we caught up with Cam Kirk Studio’s for their Night School experience, but the crowd was already booming and could hardly contain themselves after watching performances from Baby Tate and Cleotrapa. Still to come was legend Kelis, attendees across all ages, genders and backgrounds loved Kelis’s set, everything from her classic hits to some electronic and housy new tunes. With a booming career across agricultural industries, fashion, and music, Kelis definitely still is bringing all the fans to the yard.

Atlanta is a vibe all on its own and an ATL native about to prove why everything is BIG! Songwriter and rapper Latto crashlanded onto the mainstage and captivated the audience immediately. While performing some of her hit singles like “ Big Energy” and “Its Givin”, fans were able to experience a true ATLien in their own element. Not a breath short or a move off, Latto gave us an amazing performance from start to finish. It was a magnanimous way to bring this one of a kind Juneteenth experience to a close.

Two days of immersive and unique reflections of the black experience opened new channels of pride and connecntion for all who were in attendance. Liberated and enlightened were just some of the words used to describe the two days we were able to indulge in. No matter your niche; music, art, finance, or business, there was something for you here, and

Refinery 29’s Unbothered ensured that each of us left with exactly what you needed to grow and glow. This could only be described as perhaps, The Best Juneteenth Ever.

“Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.”

— Toni Morrison

Written by Mariah Spearman