BMF started its second season with high ratings, new drama, and new faces.

One of those new faces that immediately grasped the attention of many viewers was Rama Montakhabi. The Iranian American actress plays Peaches, the ride-or-die girlfriend of K9, and she’s coming in hot. “Peaches is K9’s highly desired ‘exotic’ girlfriend who translates documents for all the Arab store owners around town,” Montakhabi said. “She’s very much a gangsta boo like K9 with a few of her own things on the agenda.”

Having a recurring role on one of the hottest television shows is surreal, and life on set can be a little hectic. Yet Montakhabi’s experience was welcoming. “Set life was incredible from as little as simply being in my trailer to being around such a dope cast, to their level of professionalism and just learning as much as I did from both the cast & crew. Everyone was so inviting, and there was a true sense of family and love on set. That’s my BMF family for life right there,” she added.

Montakhabi also shouted out everyone who helped her and allowed her to play Peaches, from Sabriya to Randy Huggins, showrunner and creator.

When the actress first moved to Los Angeles, she secured several roles without an agent or management. Rama’s motto is “nobody is going to go as hard for you as you would for yourself,” so she put the work in by submitting herself to 10-15 castings. She’d work on her audition tapes for hours with friends in the industry and snagged a lead part in a short film.

“After that, the pandemic hit, so I got an acting coach, and when things picked up again, I would take as many BG jobs as [possible] to get myself on set. Then [I] would show up on set, be seen, and get bumped to a featured role. This led to more people seeing my work and wanting to work with me on different projects,” the actress said. “Thanks to my work ethic, determination, [and great] connections/friendships I’ve made throughout the years, I have been blessed with all of these amazing opportunities & I couldn’t be more grateful.”

When she’s not acting, you can find her advocating for cancer research and being a voice for women in Iran. Most of her family is there, so Rama understands how crucial it is to use her platform to inspire women in the country. “I have several cousins, aunts, family, and friends out there suffering from [injustice in my country.] Even though I wasn’t born there or ever lived there, I did stay for two months and learned a lot about the culture while being there,” she said. “Persian women are some of the most beautiful women in the world, and to see them mistreated breaks my heart. I am going to do whatever I can in my power to help make a change. So passionate about it that it brings me to tears every time I talk about it.”

In 2017 and 2018, she lost her parents and needed a way to heal, so she turned to art. “I was numb to the world and shattered inside, so I used art as my therapy to try to heal myself from inside. I would sit there for hours in a zone and at the end would look at my creation in awe, like, I just did that?! I honestly didn’t even know I possessed this talent, but [I have] always loved art and been artistic, so it came naturally.”

BMF was renewed for a third season, and we’d love to see Peaches more on our television screens.

Featured image credit: Billy Montgomery