Eclectic musical group, Judah Band is composed of talented musicians and singers. A true melting pot of genres including gospel, rock, pop, and classical, their sound is truly unmatched. We recently sat down with the founder of Judah Band, Randy Weston to discuss their latest project, “Hush – The EP,” how the band came about, and what we can expect to see from them in the future!

How did the Judah Band come about?

It actually wasn’t supposed to be what it is now. I was just getting friends that were singers and musicians together to do a concert of original music that a wrote. After that concert, so many people were asking us to come to their church, one thing led to another, and here we are today (laughs).

What inspired the recently released project, “Hush- The EP”?

“Hush – THE EP” is 100% geared towards the faith of people. We built it to increase and revive the faith of people in the world we live in, even in the crisis that we’re living in right now. Our faith is being tested, our faith in God, the future, it’s all being tested. The project’s concept of “hush” is “hushing” anything that is an enemy of faith. We’re praising God in the midst of it all. The whole project is just hushing doubt, anxiety, anything that is an enemy of faith. 

As a cancer survivor, you are passionate about millennials implementing change in the world. Why does this mean so much to you?

I believe that millennials are a “bridge generation.” I believe we’re a bridge, especially when it pertains to Christianity. We live through so many different times and change in regards to how things are within Christianity in the years that we’ve been alive. We’re the bridge, we’re bridging the technological knowledge. We came from “don’t ask any questions.” Now, it’s all about asking the questions.I think that we’ve got to do our due diligence  to bridge the good traditions of the past along with the knowledge we have today to take into the future.

In our current pandemic going on right now, do you mind offering your best advice to our readers?

To the readers, I believe this pandemic is a gift of time. We’ve been gifted time, something we can’t give back. We are forced to sit still, it’s time that would’ve been wasted. I think we’ve been gifted time so in this time of chaos, its time to recalibrate ourselves and see God. Don’t waste this time.

What can we expect to see from you and Judah Band in the future?

We’re planning to release more videos. We have a lot of ideas, we have a tour coming soon, we’re looking to diversify our message of Jesus Christ and we’re excited to share in the days to come!

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